Jan. 14 2022
A dispute panel agreed with the claim brought forth by the Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) that Canada breached its obligations regarding dairy imports
Dec. 14 2021
Once the unquestioned juggernaut in the American dairy case, the Kraft brand shed a lion’s share of its market position when it sold off its natural and specialty cheese businesses
Oct. 10 2021
The drum beat for renewable energy continues to grow louder throughout North America and Europe. While winds come and go, clouds can place solar panels on pause, and water flowing over dams holds fish
Sept. 23 2021
If hard-working dairy farmers ever needed a reason to contact their senators and representatives, the potential repeal, or shall we say death, of the “stepped-up basis” provision for capital...
Aug. 15 2021
When it comes to caring for our animals, dairy farmers overwhelmingly believe in the science backing up vaccinations
Feb. 8 2021
Canada and Japan largely stand alone with supply control systems governing, and at times protecting, their respective dairy industries. Realizing supply controls hinder both internal and external comp
Feb. 8 2021
When President Biden tapped former U.S. Senator and Secretary of State John Kerry as the United States Special Presidential Envoy for Climate, the newly elected President issued a clear signal that mi
Jan. 13 2021
Many of us pride ourselves in owning and operating multigenerational businesses
Dec. 15 2020
We often fail to take the time to fully appreciate the most important crop raised on our farms. It isn’t corn, cotton, or even cows . . . it’s children. As it turns out, those children don’t...
Oct. 10 2020
There are some in our midst who continue to both belittle and bemoan dairy product exports. During a recent conversation, staff members for a rather well-known dairy farm organization went so far as t
Sept. 25 2020
As calls for federal order revisions continue to mount, it’s important for all of us to recognize that these provisions perform a critical role in pricing milk across the country
Aug. 10 2020
Receiving a response from a federal agency just 48 hours after submitting a significant petition is almost unheard of these days
April 16 2020
If we ever need a reminder of why we should participate in milk risk management programs, 2020 will forever be remembered by everyone who lived through the COVID-19 era. The sunny price outlook that s
March 27 2020
Can a wrongly accused villain be vindicated and emerge as a superhero? That’s the epic battle taking place in nutritional science as experts convene to author the 2020-2025 Dietary Guidelines for...
March 20 2020
Gannett newspapers have been doing a deep dive on the dairy checkoff. To stir up dust on the topic, its Milwaukee Journal Sentinel questioned whether checkoff programs provide value to dairy farmers
March 10 2020
THe COLLECTIVE dairy world should be shouting acclamations from the mountaintops. We’ve made enormous strides in production per cow and that’s helped us double down on our efforts to reduce
Jan. 25 2020
Milkfat, due in part to booming butter sales and greater demand for whole milk, underpinned milk checks during the past four years. That price role reversal over milk protein appears to have run its c
Jan. 10 2020
Some dairymen and women have raised questions as to whether or not the Dairy Promotion and Research Program still delivers value for the 15-cent investment each of us makes for every 100 pounds of milk
Nov. 15 2019
Dairy products, including milk, supply the bulk of the calcium people get in their diets, and when you replace it with plant milk, you may be missing out.” That quote came direct
Oct. 8 2019
It's perhaps the greatest travesty we heard this year — a young child was whisked to Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin on a doctor’s referral because the toddler was in the lowest one...