Nov. 20 2023
Dairy product nutrition education has long emphasized the benefits milk’s essential nutrients provide for the body
Oct. 9 2023
We all know the sad story surrounding fluid milk consumption. Since the 1940s, milk consumption per capita has been trending downward in the United States. The good news is that consumption of dairy products...
Sept. 21 2023
Of milk’s 13 essential nutrients, there is one that doesn’t grab many headlines but should be a key reason why people keep dairy in their diet. While protein, calcium, potassium, vitamins A...
Sept. 14 2023
For farms that lost milk income due to weather events the past few years, a recently announced U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) program will offer some relief
Sept. 11 2023
For decades, fluid milk sales in the United States were over 50 billion pounds annually. Sales dropped below that level in 2015 and have continued to track lower the eight years since then
Aug. 24 2023
Research continues to help better understand the intersection of management and the nutritional quality of milk. Driven by the Ireland dairy industry's interest in supporting the export market, food scientists...
Aug. 21 2023
People choose to drink plant-based beverages for a variety of reasons. If they are making that decision based on perceived health benefits, new research further supports the fact that most plant-based...
Aug. 10 2023
A baker’s dozen of counties produced one-fourth of the nation’s federal order milk that was marketed last year. Those are the same 13 counties that led this list in 2021 as well
July 31 2023
One would think that four decades’ worth of lessons would lead to some truths being learned. But as laboratory-based dairy imitators enter the marketplace, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)...
July 27 2023
This month’s record high temperatures in many places around the country has highlighted the need for heat abatement for people as well as animals, with sufficient hydration often at the top of the...
July 10 2023
Multiple media outlets shared stories last week that truckloads of fresh farm milk are dumped into Milwaukee’s sewerage system
July 10 2023
A bipartisan measure to expand the healthy milk varieties schools can choose to serve has a chance to pass Congress
June 30 2023
One of the coolest aspects of being part of a dairy farm is walking into a store — whether it’s a retailer or an on-farm shop — and seeing your milk bottled or made into other dairy products...
June 26 2023
When consumers spend $1 on dairy products, dairy farmers receive 36 cents of that dollar. That’s according to the latest research by USDA’s Economic Research Service
June 22 2023
The Whole Milk for Healthy Kids Act marked significant progress earlier this month when it passed the House of Representatives Committee on Education and the Workforce on a 26-13 bipartisan vote
June 8 2023
This spring, an advertising campaign developed by the Milk Processor Education Program (MilkPEP) captured the internet when it parodied the rise of alternative milk beverages by proclaiming that actress...
June 1 2023
While the amount of U.S. milk flowing through Federal Milk Marketing Orders (FMMO) climbed to the highest level since the days when California joined the system, fluid milk movement moved to an all-time...
May 30 2023
The dairy checkoff is hoping consumers will be thirsty for a glass of milk after watching social media content depicting several ways milk remains a tried-and-true complement to a peanut butter sandwich,...
April 3 2023
This fall the world will be coming to America’s doorstep. And the entire U.S. dairy sector is poised to shine
April 3 2023
In light of the Food and Drug Administration’s disappointing decision to allow dairy alternative beverages to use the term milk in their names and on their labels, it is refreshing to see solid information...