June 18 2020
“We should be enjoying the best health in human history,” said Bruce German in his opening remarks during the June Hoard’s Dairyman webinar. “Unfortunately, a majority of the people...
April 6 2020
It’s a question that’s top of mind for nearly every dairy farmer. The answer to that question depends upon your milk buyer
March 2 2020
Children go to school to learn, grow their minds, and develop important life skills. For millions of American children, school also is a place for nourishment and an opportunity to receive vital nutrition,...
Dec. 30 2019
The long-standing relationship of milk and school lunches has put dairy in front of children for generations
Nov. 18 2019
Protein ranks No. 1 for Americans shopping for nutritious foods. And dairy provides excellent results, either in a cold glass of milk or in the dizzying new nonrefrigerated beverage products appearing...
Oct. 14 2019
Butter consumption is at a 50-year high. That’s because fat is back. There’s a lot of reasons for that . . . one of them is that farmers have funded 59 projects since 2002 to show the value...
July 30 2019
820 million. That’s the number of people in the world that remained food insecure in 2018
May 27 2019
There are many reasons milk from mammals is called “Nature’s most perfect food.”
April 29 2019
As plant-based beverages continue to dominate the conversation and garner more shelf space, some consumers are beginning to believe that plant-based beverages are a solution to improving personal and global...
Feb. 22 2019
When asked about dairy recommendations for people ages 2 and older, most dietitians will advise people to choose low-fat (1 percent) or fat-free (skim) milk, which is also what MyPlate recommends
Aug. 3 2018
Last week, I attended the Inaugural Dairy Experience Forum, a conference on engaging today’s consumers to build dairy demand
July 25 2018
“An almond doesn’t lactate,” may be the best statement said in favor of the dairy industry that I’ve heard lately, and it was a quote by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Commissioner...
July 23 2018
In a mid-March omnibus bill, the Dairy Pride Act was passed through Congress instructing the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to take action in restricting the use of the word “milk” on labeling...
April 23 2018
Farmers get only 30 cents from every $1 spent,” read the headline in the March 26, 2018, Hoard’s Dairyman Intel. When consumers spent $1 on dairy products in 2017, dairy farmers received 30...
Dec. 8 2017
The Winter Olympics will be here in about two months. It seems the whole world takes a break from their regular activities to admire the talents of the best athletes in the world every two years (alternating...
Jan. 16 2017
Light-emitting diode (LED) light options have been touted as game changers in efficiency and energy savings. The well-approved option for the environment also may carry benefits for milk flavor
Dec. 9 2016
Recently, I received a dairy product promotion email. The title was “How do nut milks compare to cow’s milk? First of all, stop calling it nut milk! It is nut juice or beverage or drink
Oct. 31 2016
Five years ago, the Los Angeles Unified School District placed a ban on sugary drinks, including chocolate and strawberry milk. The Los Angeles school board recently approved a pilot program to study...
June 27 2016
Light: Milk's greatest enemy? Freshness is one of the most important sensory gauges of milk quality. When we talk about providing a fresh product, dairy farmers focus on things like high solids and low...
Feb. 15 2016
Fluid milk consumption has been on the decline for decades, but some milk categories are bucking that trend. In the year that ended on November 1, 2015, flavored milk came out as the real winner. According...