July 12 2024
Precision management is a hot topic in the dairy industry, and rightfully so
Jan. 29 2024
The next time you walk through the barn, try to take notice of that one “gold star” cow that just always seems to do what it’s supposed to
Jan. 10 2024
Looking back 25 years, I was at a crossroads in my vision for what secondary education to pursue. At 17 years old, I’d developed curiosity in dairy farming and cropping, but I also enjoyed fixing...
Dec. 21 2023
This time of the year, many people are thinking about their own goals for the year ahead
Nov. 14 2023
Having just wrapped up a phone call with a nutritionist regarding farm programs related to sustainability and carbon credits, the time is right to revisit the topic
April 13 2023
Dairy farmers strive to get the most return on investment from every asset on their farm. One part of the business that might be overlooked as an asset, though, is the feed center
Aug. 10 2022
To all the avid Hoard’s Dairyman readers out there — thank you! Over the nearly 15 years since graduate school, I’ve written articles for different publications
April 18 2022
During unprecedented times like our society has been through the past two-plus years, the week-to-week swings may seem daunting
March 30 2022
As shelled corn prices are a couple dollars higher per bushel (56 pounds as-fed basis) compared to prior years, dairy farmers are asking what alternatives and strategies could be considered
March 17 2022
While farms have made positive strides toward reducing fresh cow health problems, the transition period remains a challenge for our dairy industry
March 17 2022
When it comes to feed costs, we are in uncharted waters and seem to be going “where no man has gone before.”
March 1 2022
Early lactation is widely regarded as both the most precarious and the most rewarding time in the lactation cycle for dairy cows
Feb. 28 2022
A high producing dairy cow needs to consume a lot of feed, but there is only so much time in the day. Cows must be able eat enough feed to meet their nutrient needs in a certain time frame
Jan. 6 2022
Brewers grains and distillers grains are two examples of waste products humans would need to dispose of that cows can transform into nutrient-dense milk and meat
Dec. 9 2021
As the year comes to an end, many dairy farmers have or are beginning to open 2021 silage storage and finding that it’s not feeding as well as some other years despite mostly having good fiber
Dec. 9 2021
From drought in the West to rain in the Northeast, the 2021 crop year created challenges for farmers across the country
Nov. 19 2021
For years, it was a goal for many dairy farmers to avoid calf-to-calf contact in their young stock housing. More recently, though, the industry has seen an opposite trend
Oct. 25 2021
Growing up, my family drove Chevy trucks. I still prefer Chevys over Fords, but I actually drive a Dodge Ram at the moment! Go figure
Oct. 10 2021
This article continues our discussion on the new Dairy NRC 2021 that’s more formally referred to as NASEM Dairy 2021. My overall impressions are conservative
Sept. 23 2021
In any system, calf care is done best by individuals who are patient and detail focused