Jan. 6 2022
Brewers grains and distillers grains are two examples of waste products humans would need to dispose of that cows can transform into nutrient-dense milk and meat
Dec. 9 2021
As the year comes to an end, many dairy farmers have or are beginning to open 2021 silage storage and finding that it’s not feeding as well as some other years despite mostly having good fiber
Dec. 9 2021
From drought in the West to rain in the Northeast, the 2021 crop year created challenges for farmers across the country
Nov. 19 2021
For years, it was a goal for many dairy farmers to avoid calf-to-calf contact in their young stock housing. More recently, though, the industry has seen an opposite trend
Oct. 25 2021
Growing up, my family drove Chevy trucks. I still prefer Chevys over Fords, but I actually drive a Dodge Ram at the moment! Go figure
Oct. 10 2021
This article continues our discussion on the new Dairy NRC 2021 that’s more formally referred to as NASEM Dairy 2021. My overall impressions are conservative
Sept. 23 2021
In any system, calf care is done best by individuals who are patient and detail focused
Sept. 3 2021
The long awaited, and at times delayed, Nutrient Requirements of Dairy Cattle finally had its first days in the sun in 20 years
Sept. 2 2021
Whether exercising, practicing your sport, or sighting in your rifle, repetition equates to power. We know this based upon experience. In exercising, repetitions build strength over time
June 10 2021
Starting in August 2021, dairy producers will have at their disposal an enhanced Lifetime Net Merit (NM$) index, the selection tool designed to maximize cows’ lifetime profitability
June 10 2021
For heifer feed troughs, we use half of a ditch culvert. We make metal brackets for them and use wooden half circles to close up the ends
May 3 2021
On Tony Brubaker’s Pennsylvania dairy farm, they began dry matter intake tracking 15 years ago
April 19 2021
Livestock feed prices are on the rise, and there’s no clear sign when that trend will reverse. These escalating costs may have dairy farmers reconsidering their current rations
Jan. 4 2021
As the holidays approached, you likely heard the phrase, “It’s that time of year” relating to the upcoming Christmas and New Year’s celebrations
Dec. 10 2020
Feeding for greater protein and fat levels to take advantage of high milk component prices has been a hot topic this year
Nov. 2 2020
Milkfat often gets the attention when talking about milk components, but a recent surge in the price of milk protein has given producers cause to look more closely at optimizing milk protein production
Aug. 27 2020
A question you will often hear when discussing cattle nutrition is what level of production do you balance for? This question sets the stage for energy, fiber, and ingredient inclusion in the diet
Aug. 3 2020
Some farms adjust their feeding schedule in the summer and deliver feed at night, thinking that cows will eat more when it is cooler outside
July 2 2020
For years, feed costs have carried extra scrutiny as farms look to minimize their impact on the operation’s bottom line
June 15 2020
Every inch counts when it comes to the feedbunk, and eating space is one of veterinarian Gary Oetzel’s top feeding management concerns for prefresh dairy cows