March 28 2024
Scary. Overwhelming. Stressful. These are the terms generally associated with succession planning
Dec. 29 2023
It’s a new year and time to make resolutions for the next 12 months. Is succession planning one of the goals your farm needs to tackle in 2024?
July 13 2023
The handshake agreements and unspoken decisions that ruled farmland and farm business transfer for decades no longer support today’s dairies that may involve multiple generations, farming and non-farming...
Aug. 18 2022
A short trip into familiar territory requires little planning, and rarely are directions needed. A longer journey to a new area, on the other hand, is best tackled with a game plan and a road map
Aug. 8 2022
In the busy days of dairy farming, transition planning is an easy topic to kick down the road to tackle later on — there’s plenty of time left to figure that out, right?
Aug. 4 2022
Can you remember the last time you discussed your farm transition plan with the members of your family? Unfortunately, transition planning is a topic frequently ignored among families unless a crisis occurs
March 28 2022
Discussions about a farm’s transition should be intentional with all vested parties at the table
Aug. 6 2018
Will your dairy farm business transfer to the next generation? Business succession planning will help transfer those assets. The process requires a team of professionals such as a tax specialist, att
May 15 2017
It’s been over two months since the 2017 Western Dairy Conference was held, but my brain is still thinking about something one speaker said: “Fifty percent of U.S. dairies will change ownership
April 25 2017
Not too long ago, my siblings and I finalized our late parents’ estate. It has been a long journey from the time our mother passed away six years ago. Eighteen months later, we moved our dad o
April 20 2017
My brother and I are the third generation to farm the land on our home farm in Dearing, Ga. We are in the “teaching phase” of our business with my daughter and nephew both deciding they wanted...
March 3 2017
In last week’s blog "Land rich but feeling dirt poor? You have more than you think," I gave an overview of the unfortunate outcomes that can happen when farmers do not have their estate planning
Oct. 26 2015
Sooner or later, "Will the farm go on after me?" is a question that most dairy producers ask themselves. The answer can be complicated, said estate attorney Dan Rupar in his seminar at this year's World...
Jan. 26 2015
Transferring the farm from one generation to the next is no small feat, and every family faces its own challenges. One farm that recently created a successful partnership between two generations is the...
Sept. 4 2014
Few dairymen readily admit when the time has come to retire. After pouring decades of blood, sweat and capital into their business, hanging up the milkers is likely the most difficult decision they will...