Nov. 23 2020
Providing dairy workers with formal safety training is not typically an easy task. Workers are on tight schedules, training resources are scarce, and language barriers exist
Oct. 29 2020
What does your farm look like on Google? I've written about this before so you can understand how the farm looks to the rest of the world via your own farm website, social media, news articles, and so...
Oct. 5 2020
Ensuring the safety of farm workers takes multiple forms, and it’s helpful to remember the unique circumstances that may affect women on the farm
Sept. 24 2020
The Wisconsin Farm Related Fatalities report showed 41 farm fatalities in 2017 and 34 in 2018
Aug. 31 2020
“Never stand behind a horse” were the words my grandfather periodically repeated during my childhood at the farm. Thanks to him, I learned at a young age that I could be kicked and severely...
July 13 2020
Coronavirus precautions have vastly changed workplaces for both dairy farmers and their employees, an important part of the nation’s critical infrastructure
June 25 2020
Many stores and restaurants have transformed the way they do business in light of COVID-19 to protect their customers and their employees
June 18 2020
Back in the “old” days when I was a graduate student studying agricultural safety and worker health, it upset me to see the bumper sticker that read “Sh!t Happens.”
June 12 2020
My parents bought a farm that came with a house. The house ended up being a bit of a fixer-upper . . . I’m talking very little siding, negligible plumbing, and small animals in the walls
April 16 2020
With schools closed, parents around the country must find new ways to occupy their children at home all day. For already-busy farm parents, it’s an especially taxing challenge
March 23 2020
The recent COVID-19 events and realities are unprecedented. We are truly seeing history being made that will have an effect on the dairy industry and society as a whole
Feb. 10 2020
The farm press is filled with stories of farm injuries, workplace fatalities, and life-threatening health concerns from exposure to toxic gases, dusts, and other hazards
Dec. 9 2019
With winter comes new struggles in maintaining a dairy: fixing frozen pipes and alley scrapers, managing icy conditions for animals and employees, and even moving supplies and equipment through deep snow
May 1 2019
I’m getting old. I used to be able to pull all-nighters with ease, but this past week has proven that those days have seriously passed
Feb. 26 2019
For many parts of the country, winter teased us with a mild start. Then mid-January hit, and along came snow, frigid cold, record-breaking wind chills, and ice
Oct. 29 2018
The Idaho Dairy Worker Training and Safety Program has been almost three years in the making
Oct. 22 2018
“What happens on paper isn’t always what happens in the field, in the barn, or in the parlor,” said Lisa Holden, an associate professor at Penn State University
Oct. 1 2018
Six years ago, OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration) established a local emphasis program to protect workers from hazards found on dairy farms
March 15 2018
I often have talked about stubborn farmers who make less than desirable patients. My late father never sought medical care
Jan. 5 2018
Have you checked out your farm on Google Maps and Google Earth? How does it look? What can people see?