June 10 2024
Lyme disease can be difficult to diagnose and even trickier to treat. In agriculture, workers and animals are outdoors for the majority of the day, making tick bite prevention paramount
April 19 2024
A recent rural tragedy inspired students to promote farm road safety using skills learned at the National FFA’s Washington Leadership Conference
April 2 2024
Taking time to remind ourselves and others of the need to slow down and pay attention to our surroundings can make all the difference on a farm and in life
Feb. 9 2024
A local tragedy involving farm equipment provided the spark for an event in Canada to help farm women feel more confident about operating farm machinery, especially in emergency situations
Oct. 23 2023
As many are in the midst of a busy harvest season, it is important to remember safety tips and items that can help save lives on farms. Chris St. Pierre has 27 years of experience in fire and emergency
Sept. 21 2023
There are many potentially dangerous pieces of equipment and machinery on farms. One of the most common — and most dangerous for young people — is all terrain vehicles (ATVs)
Aug. 31 2023
It’s not as exciting to talk about as your herd’s production levels, genetic accomplishments, or crop performances, but safety can be just as impactful on the farm’s bottom line
Jan. 4 2023
A new year has begun, and the days are getting longer again. With mild temperatures in the Midwest this week, it almost feels like the start of spring
Sept. 28 2022
Running our farm for a month using a generator is a good reminder that it never hurts to have emergency plans in place
Sept. 23 2022
Busy times mean people less familiar with our operations may be signing on to help. It’s our responsibility to ensure they stay safe, too
Aug. 23 2022
Safety is critical for anyone working on the farm, but there are a few reasons why women in agriculture may be at an elevated risk
Aug. 11 2022
This little article is intended to be a conversation starter.Did you know that U.S. commercial airlines flew more than 600 million passengers in 2021
June 28 2022
Framing our conversations around sustainability makes the word mean something farmers and consumers can grab on to
May 4 2022
Farmers have just as much responsibility, if not more, to make sure everyone arrives home safely
April 25 2022
As we are coming out of the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses across the country are revisiting strategies to address worker health and safety with a new appreciation of the merits
April 15 2022
Our calf ear tag numbering and coloring system has gone off the rails due to production and supply chain issues throughout the country
April 13 2022
The advancements in dairying the past few decades have been impressive, and with technology, the changes will keep coming faster
April 4 2022
With the ongoing war in Ukraine upending markets and the lingering COVID-19 pandemic continuing to affect daily life, additional concerns could seem overwhelming to anyone
March 28 2022
“I decided to modify the protocol a couple of weeks ago” were the words of a novice employee from another group performing some analyses in my laboratory. The scenario was very concerning....
March 14 2022
With spring just around the corner, and a reminder that the risk for severe injury being almost seven-times greater on farms than all other types of businesses, here are some important, high-impact th