May 1 2019
I’m getting old. I used to be able to pull all-nighters with ease, but this past week has proven that those days have seriously passed
Feb. 26 2019
For many parts of the country, winter teased us with a mild start. Then mid-January hit, and along came snow, frigid cold, record-breaking wind chills, and ice
Oct. 29 2018
The Idaho Dairy Worker Training and Safety Program has been almost three years in the making
Oct. 22 2018
“What happens on paper isn’t always what happens in the field, in the barn, or in the parlor,” said Lisa Holden, an associate professor at Penn State University
Oct. 1 2018
Six years ago, OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration) established a local emphasis program to protect workers from hazards found on dairy farms
March 15 2018
I often have talked about stubborn farmers who make less than desirable patients. My late father never sought medical care
Jan. 5 2018
Have you checked out your farm on Google Maps and Google Earth? How does it look? What can people see?
Nov. 3 2017
A recent article appeared in the New York Post about a farmer that lost his life when his cow rammed him against the fence
Oct. 18 2017
Extra thought put into a robot barn design is time well spent
Aug. 10 2017
We’ve had issues with birds building nests above our door opener in our barn. We filled it with spray foam insulation, and now we don’t have any more bird nest issues. Scott Drooger
July 12 2017
Safety in the workplace is important for you, your animals, and your employees alike. Like many of you, my children often accompany me at work, and many times that means time in the milk barn
April 28 2016
Spring can bring a wide array of weather conditions . . . prepare now so you're ready if severe storms hit. Spring is in the air, but with it can come some not so pleasant weather. While we are happy...
Feb. 16 2011
The Minnesota Supreme Court recently ruled on the side of two Southeast Minnesota dairy farms who sued Northern States Power County, a division of Xcel Energy, over allegations that stray voltage killed...
Dec. 29 2010
In recent weeks, we've sadly heard of several barn collapses in the upper Midwest. Each of the barns that failed was bearing an extreme snow load due to an overly white Christmas we had in this part of...
Dec. 15 2010
Years ago, bunkers were only known as a military hide-out. Those bunkers were safe. The bunkers on our dairy farms can be anything but. Deaths can and do occur because of poor face management, accidental...
Dec. 14 2010
Winter is here. . . and so is the cold and snow that can be harmful to those of us who work outdoors with livestock. "Bundle up, dress in layers, put on your hat" are familiar sounds to many children who...
Oct. 18 2010
This year has been plagued with countless accidents that have severely injured dairy producers, or worst, taken their lives. Rollovers, auto accidents, exposure to toxic silo gas, hay bale crushing incidents,...
Sept. 1 2010
All too often we hear of tragic accidents in our industry that not only claim the life of a loved one, but the head of a dairy farm business. On August 26, Brian Krull of Lake Mills, Wis., was killed in...