May 4 2022
Farmers have just as much responsibility, if not more, to make sure everyone arrives home safely
April 25 2022
As we are coming out of the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses across the country are revisiting strategies to address worker health and safety with a new appreciation of the merits
April 15 2022
Our calf ear tag numbering and coloring system has gone off the rails due to production and supply chain issues throughout the country
April 13 2022
The advancements in dairying the past few decades have been impressive, and with technology, the changes will keep coming faster
April 4 2022
With the ongoing war in Ukraine upending markets and the lingering COVID-19 pandemic continuing to affect daily life, additional concerns could seem overwhelming to anyone
March 28 2022
“I decided to modify the protocol a couple of weeks ago” were the words of a novice employee from another group performing some analyses in my laboratory. The scenario was very concerning....
March 14 2022
With spring just around the corner, and a reminder that the risk for severe injury being almost seven-times greater on farms than all other types of businesses, here are some important, high-impact th
Feb. 28 2022
Regular maintenance can go a long way in preserving a dairy’s hard working skid steer
Dec. 23 2021
When it comes to dairy, all involved are doing their part to ensure milk meets the highest safety standard and that antibiotic resistance is held at bay.How do we know that’s true?
Nov. 22 2021
Agricultural technologies must be shared with consumers willingly for them to include them in their diet
Oct. 27 2021
It is fun to envision what automation we may be able to integrate onto our dairy in the future
Oct. 7 2021
Harmful sounds can chip away at your hearing ability, but the damage is preventable
Sept. 2 2021
Many different minds have come together to make our barn very unique, especially when it comes to cow comfort
Aug. 27 2021
With harvest season in full swing, drivers on rural roads will be encountering more heavy equipment on their daily commutes
April 26 2021
Many of us who grew up on a farm or raised kids on a farm often say that it’s one of the best childhoods there is
April 8 2021
Growing up as a farm kid in Indiana, spring was my favorite time of the year. I spent April and May working on the farm
March 15 2021
If we hear a farmer talk about their “employees” or their “workforce,” it might be easy to think that the farm is a large operation where multiple or maybe even dozens of people...
March 4 2021
We are at the beginning of March, and spring will be here soon. The growth rate of alfalfa and small grain grasses will start accelerating, and several vertical silos will be filled with fresh and chopped...
March 1 2021
Farm work often requires road travel, whether it is driving equipment from field to field, trucking animals from one location to another, or hauling milk
Nov. 23 2020
Providing dairy workers with formal safety training is not typically an easy task. Workers are on tight schedules, training resources are scarce, and language barriers exist