July 22 2019
Europe’s cheesemakers are not happy with Canada. That’s according to a July 17, 2019, report by Canada’s very own National Post titled: “Cheese quotas in Canada-Europe deal quietly...
May 25 2018
A year has passed since Canada circled its collective domestic milk market wagons and deployed the Class 7 milk pricing strategy. Since then, Canadian and U.S. dairy interests have sparred in a h
Oct. 23 2017
Health Canada may recommend less meat and dairy in its next Food Guide for Canadians
May 22 2017
It’s been a little over a month since news broke about one Wisconsin dairy processor shedding dozens of dairy farm patrons due to lost markets north of the border
May 10 2017
The U.S. is finding itself in the middle of an early and large spring milk flush. The last two years have seen the Northeast and the Upper Midwest grow production to the point that existing plant capacity...