March 14 2023
It’s meeting season. This is that tiny sliver of time when winter seems to have backed off enough to not be as big of a trouble (although this winter seems to be testing that, or maybe we are just...
May 24 2021
Making sure that every farmer’s bulk tank is empty at the end of each day is key for the team that works at and with FarmFirst Dairy Cooperative, said General Manager Jeff Lyon on the May 19 Hoard’s...
April 15 2021
If a proposed amendment to the federal milk marketing system advances to a final decision by USDA, the revised order is then voted on by the dairy farmers who would be affected by the change
Dec. 2 2019
“We need to commit to leading and developing new markets,” said Randy Mooney
May 6 2019
The country’s second-largest dairy cooperative is looking for a new CEO
Oct. 15 2018
The collective bargaining clout of the nation’s top 50 cooperatives continued to grow in 2017
May 14 2018
First Grassland shed 75 dairies in the Upper Midwest last year