Sept. 8 2023
Animal rights activism is big business, bringing in over $800 million in income annually — up from $650 million last year and $595 million in the year prior
Aug. 21 2023
The National Dairy FARM Program has evolved over the years to become a rigorous on-farm quality assurance program and trusted industry risk mitigation tool that gives the supply chain the confidence it...
July 7 2023
Partnering across the supply chain is key to furthering the animal agriculture community’s sustainability progress
June 26 2023
As humans, we find companionship with animals. This comes in the form of pets in our homes, wildlife we observe, and the livestock we work with on farms
June 5 2023
Many farms have protocols written to help keep cows healthy
May 25 2023
Those of us in animal agriculture are no strangers to the fact that there are extremist groups calling for the end of using animals for food
April 5 2023
It’s pretty hard not to retaliate when someone attacks you on social media. Because, just like them, you feel emboldened by the anonymity of it all
March 13 2023
If the past year has taught me anything, it’s the importance of having options in the grocery store
Nov. 15 2022
The discussion at animal rights conferences held over the past year continued to focus on animal agriculture
Aug. 22 2022
After the COVID-19 pandemic prompted an 18-month delay in routine animal care evaluations under FARM Version 4.0, implementation has been under way for a year
Aug. 10 2022
Perhaps this is common knowledge to all of you reading this, but it is worth repeating: It pays to invest time in low-stress stockmanship
Aug. 10 2022
People who use the term, “factory farm,” are creating an inaccurate reality for consumers. Don’t be one of them and bring down other dairy farms
June 28 2022
Framing our conversations around sustainability makes the word mean something farmers and consumers can grab on to
March 25 2022
“They look like corporate, professional people wearing suits,” my friend exclaimed as I was talking to her about the Alliance’s work monitoring animal rights extremism
Nov. 24 2021
The nation’s signature animal care and milk quality program, which demonstrates to customers and consumers alike that dairy farmers are upholding the highest standards
Nov. 30 2020
“If you look around your farm . . . what sort of things do I want to hide from the public? What’s not going on the packaging on the milk container at the grocery store?”
Nov. 18 2020
We can all agree that the angry animal activists are the worst, right? They don’t just comment on one post and move on, they ask their friends to attack, too
Nov. 2 2020
Cow hugging, known as "koe knuffelen" in Dutch, has emerged as a new wellness trend, complete with YouTube videos, an international media hype, and plenty of uptake on Instagram
Oct. 14 2019
The fourth edition of the National FARM (Farmers Assuring Responsible Management) will incorporate enforced corrective plans for any farms that don’t meet standards during an on-farm evaluation
Sept. 9 2019
In today’s age of instant information, dairy farmers and industry people have heard time and time again that we need to share our story to gain trust with consumers