Oct. 13 2017
"A 2017-2018 forage and feed outlook" was presented by Mike Hutjens, University of Illinois, and Mike Rankin, Hay & Forage Grower
Sept. 15 2017
Management approaches to minimize nutrition-related health and production issues, presented by Bill Stone, Diamond V
Sept. 15 2017
You invest a great deal in making top quality feed. Do all that you can to see that it reaches the dairy cow in the best condition and that she consumes it
Aug. 16 2017
Driving dry matter intake on dairy farmspresented by Mike Hutjens, University of IllinoisSponsored by Diamond V. Dry matters intakes continue to be a leading contributor to ca
Aug. 11 2017
In four of the past five years, Hoard’s Dairyman has captured the top webinar award from the American Agricultural Editor’s Association (AAEA)
July 14 2017
To be successful, or profitable, raising heifers to first calving includes three areas of consideration – nutrition, health, and reproduction
July 14 2017
Opportunities and challenges in dairy replacement heifer raising by Michael Overton, D.V.M. Heifers are the future for dairies
June 16 2017
Calving can be a challenging time for a cow. But the issues go beyond giving birth. Around freshening, the dairy cow is struggling with net energy, protein, and mineral imbalances
June 14 2017
The transition cow faces a number of challenges including metabolic and infectious diseases, which can cause problems throughout the upcoming lactation. This webinar discusses energy balance and minimizing...
May 11 2017
Cows are “talking” to us every day, but are we listening? This webinar will explore measurements that can improve profits, milk yield, feed digestion, health, and reproductive performance....
April 14 2017
Cows feel heat stress before people do, and higher producing cows generate a lot more heat than lower producing ones
April 14 2017
A breath of fresh air – ventilating barnsby Nigel Cook, MRCVS, University of Wisconsin-Madison Nigel Cook, MRCVS., University of Wisconsin-Madison, will cover basic design concepts required for...
March 17 2017
This webinar will review a Dairy Comp305 parlor performance summary
March 17 2017
Ah, that new car feel . . . It’s different, better, and exciting . . . all at the same time. As I watched our March webinar, “Making use of all that parlor data,” I instantly made the...
Feb. 17 2017
by Emily Yeiser Stepp, Jamie Jonker, Ryan Bennett, National Milk Producers Federation staff Farmers Assuring Responsible Management (FARM) is dairy’s comprehensive quality a
Jan. 13 2017
Kansas State University professor Jeff Stevenson started the monthly Hoard’s Dairyman webinar with a timeline overview of management tools that have aided in the reproduction progress of dairy cows
Jan. 13 2017
“A reproductive update" webinar by Jeff Stevenson, Kansas State University. Should you be tweaking your reproductive program to improve efficiency?
Dec. 19 2016
“Exploring how this year’s forage will feed” was presented by John Goeser of Rock River Laboratory
Dec. 15 2016
John Goeser, Rock River Laboratory, discusses the campfire within the rumen, which in turn helps explain how and why crops feed differently. Due to a challenging corn silage and grain harvest, John explores...
Nov. 14 2016
“Inflammation around calving: What does it mean and how should we approach it?”by Barry Bradford, Kansas StateBrought to you by Virtus Nutrition (www.virtusnutrition.com)