May 29 2017
Although nutritionists have a good feel for where many of the ingredients fit into a healthy dairy ration, USDA’s Mary Beth Hall said we still have much to learn when it comes to sugar in rations
May 12 2017
Pinching pennies may be old hat to some, but for others changing the way we think can uncover some untapped income opportunities. Mike Hutjens presented “On-farm feed diagnostics”
May 11 2017
Cows are “talking” to us every day, but are we listening? This webinar will explore measurements that can improve profits, milk yield, feed digestion, health, and reproductive performance....
March 25 2017
Proper grouping of cows can improve cow health, boost production, and raise income over feed costs. However, grouping cows is not free. Adequate facilities, time to make grouping decisions and manage
March 6 2017
“High dry matter intake solves a lot of problems on a lot of farms,” explained Mike Hutjens when referring to the best ways to capitalize on feeding opportunities in the new year
Jan. 27 2017
Last week some people were up in arms about red Skittles falling out of a truck on a Wisconsin road
Jan. 18 2017
Only 2.2 percent of a cow’s diet is digestible and desirable to the U.S. human food market
Dec. 19 2016
“Exploring how this year’s forage will feed” was presented by John Goeser of Rock River Laboratory
Dec. 15 2016
Farms that utilize medicated milk replacer or calf starter should make adjustments now before the Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) takes effect on January 1
Nov. 28 2016
“Nutrition plays a key role in our reproductive success,” said Brian Brown of SunBurst Dairy near Belleville, Wis
Oct. 25 2016
Flip through any dairy publication and you’re sure to find a number of ads promoting products that claim to improve dairy cows’ health and well-being
Sept. 19 2016
by Mike Hutjens. Focus is all types of feeding systems, their practicality for different herd sizes and economics, from grain feeding to TMRs; also feed storage, feed bunk management
Sept. 19 2016
Bulk storage shed, several bays
Sept. 19 2016
by Coleen Jones, Jud Heinrichs. SPANISH EDITION | Translation by Dr. Victor Mireles. Completely updated, this all-new book gives you what you need to raise healthy calves. Available in both English and...
Sept. 19 2016
Por Mike Hutjens. Fisiología de la vaca lechera; optimizando la ingestión de materia seca; alimentación y el ciclo gestación-lactancia; formulación de raciones; comprando...
Sept. 19 2016
Guess 20 by-product feeds from their appearance/description. (Reprint of 2/25/97 article)