June 26 2024
Those of us who live on multigenerational farms are surrounded by the history of our families
Dec. 20 2023
Difficult conversations are part of everyone’s life. This can be especially true for farm families who work together, make decisions together, and face succession planning together, just to name...
May 29 2023
A farm can be a great place to raise children
March 20 2023
Someone must make the first move when it comes to farm transition planning. According to Liz Griffith, a human resource consultant for Encore Consultants, the process would ideally be initiated by the...
Feb. 14 2023
Valentine’s Day can look different for farmers, but we still have so much to appreciate
Jan. 10 2023
This new year is the time to make the most of what we have and give our best shot
Dec. 13 2022
Dairy life provides a lot of unique stories we recall years later
Oct. 25 2022
No day in farming is easy, but each is special when we keep our eyes open
Aug. 4 2022
Can you remember the last time you discussed your farm transition plan with the members of your family? Unfortunately, transition planning is a topic frequently ignored among families unless a crisis occurs
July 11 2022
If you like old tractors and agricultural history, you’ll enjoy hearing how I ended up with a little red show tractor
July 7 2022
My dad spoke at the funeral for a man who worked for us for most of his life and did his own rendition of “So God made a farmer.”
May 27 2022
It’s pouring rain in Iowa today, which means we get to take a breath and slow down a bit — or at least catch up on a few things
March 28 2022
Discussions about a farm’s transition should be intentional with all vested parties at the table
Oct. 14 2021
Perusing my grandparents’ 1960s farm journals tells the story of farming in a different time and details our family’s history
Sept. 24 2021
A dairy farmer’s daughter is the glue that holds together the family operation
Sept. 3 2021
In a farm business, planning for an owner’s later years is an important aspect of a farm succession plan
March 11 2021
Many farm families need their farm assets to fill three buckets: business assets, retirement assets, and inheritance assets
Sept. 14 2020
“Conflict is often healthy. It can generate creativity and new ideas, lead to improved decision making, and help people learn and grow,” said Rob Skacel, a business psychologist with True Edge...
Jan. 21 2020
In life’s priority list, it can be easy to get wrapped up in what society says we should be doing. Jump on any social network and you can see a ton of advice