Aug. 19 2021
The importance of a healthy gut microbiome has been the subject of emerging research for several years now — and for good reason
Aug. 12 2021
U.S. dairy product exports continue to grow, so much so that dairy product sales outside American borders and domestic fluid milk sales are absorbing nearly the same amount of milk
June 21 2021
Cooperatives Working Together (CWT) member cooperatives accepted 21 offers of export assistance from CWT that helped them capture sales contracts for 2.6 million pounds (1,189 metric tons) of Cheddar
May 7 2021
Abraham Lincoln once said, “Discipline is choosing between what you want now and what you want later.”This sums up what we do every day on our dairy farms
April 26 2021
The demand for dairy continues, but transportation remains rocky. That’s according to Phil Plourd, president of Blimling and Associates, in an April 14 webinar, “Bumpy Roads, Choppy Waters:...
April 26 2021
While the pandemic and its effects are by no means behind the United States, recent vaccine availability and slipping COVID-19 infection rates have caused many parts of the country to walk back policies...
April 1 2021
If you’re involved with agriculture and have ever been on social media around the holidays, you may have seen one of those graphics that compare the consumer’s cost
March 29 2021
Relatively steady grocery store prices keep consumers coming back {link to Milk drives consumers to the store} for milk and other dairy products
March 22 2021
With a heightened focus on health and wellness, establishing healthy eating patterns is more important than ever. Good health begins during pregnancy, and research is emphasizing the role nutrition plays
March 18 2021
Plant-based dairy imitators may seem like they’re everywhere, but in reality, their market impact is small compared to the sales giant that is real dairy
Dec. 31 2020
More meals at home this year meant people relied heavily on grocery store purchases. Kroger Co., America’s largest grocery retailer with nearly 2,800 stores, released a list of their top 10 trending...
Dec. 29 2020
So many of us have overflowing work plates, and we seldom stop to consider the value of the product we are producing for consumers. The simple answer is that beverage milk is among the biggest bargains
Nov. 19 2020
This year has been stressful for just about everyone, and children are no exception. In fact, children are especially vulnerable to the harmful effects of stress and anxiety due to their developing brains...
Nov. 16 2020
The National Milk Producers Federation is aggressively working to have the newest science on full-fat dairy products be included in the latest version of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGAs)
Oct. 22 2020
The jumps in dairy sales seen during the earliest weeks and months of the pandemic came quick and fast
Oct. 1 2020
The best times for many agricultural sectors occur during periods of strong demand. The ethanol industry boomed when ethanol use grew during a period of record crude oil prices
Oct. 1 2020
When COVID-19 first disrupted dairy supply chains, we all saw the grocery store signs
Sept. 28 2020
Similar to when a natural disaster hits, the onslaught of COVID-19 onto dairy sales this spring required immediate efforts to stem the bleeding
Sept. 24 2020
In 2019, per capita consumption of dairy products reached 653 pounds per person in America, achieving levels not seen since the 1960s when Lyndon Johnson was in office