March 9 2023
A two-day seminar was held recently at a California college titled “Coffee, Tea, and Creamers: The Science and Art of Milk in Beverages.”
Feb. 27 2023
Although FDA established a standard of identity for milk in 1973, that standard of identity must only be followed by products that purport to be or are represented as milk
Feb. 6 2023
Plant-based companies continue to use dairy terms on their products, violating labeling laws while the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) looks the other way
Dec. 5 2022
I have a completely renewed appreciation for dairy products and their benefits as a college student
Oct. 17 2022
If your local store is low on dairy products, take the time to say something – they may thank you
Oct. 3 2022
With this year’s USDA report on per-capita U.S. dairy consumption, the industry has finally moved past the 1960s. In terms of favor with the American public, dairy has returned to 1959
Sept. 22 2022
Flavored beverage milk sales are up 51.6% over the first seven months of this year when compared to the same time last year within California’s Federal Order No. 51
Sept. 22 2022
What makes a good-tasting cheese?That can be a loaded question because every consumer has their own preferences, palette, and opinions on what characteristics make them want to enjoy a food
Aug. 4 2022
August 2, 2022, trading marked the second straight trading session that dairy product prices dropped 5% at New Zealand’s Global Dairy Trade (GDT)
May 30 2022
The plant-based movement has grown from grassroots to mainstream. It’s being promoted at all levels, and school meals are now at the center of efforts to adopt plant-based eating patterns
May 10 2022
We are experiencing one of the more unique business climates in modern American history. With price inflation running at a generational high, interest rates will begin climbing
May 5 2022
In the past 12 months, the Consumer Price Index has shown an 8.5% price jump in all retail items. For food specifically, that number is higher at 8.8%
May 5 2022
In a bright spot for dairy demand, consumer expenditures on dairy climbed 3% higher in March. The not-so-great news is that they also bought 3% less product
May 2 2022
A wrapper for a block of cheese. A cup for a single-serve yogurt. A family-sized carton for ice cream. The containers consumers take their dairy products home
April 28 2022
It’s basic human sense: when a needed item becomes scarce, we hold onto as much of it as we can for future security. That was true at the beginning of the pandemic lockdowns, and on farms
March 7 2022
Although it is still early to say so definitively, 2022 holds promise as a critical year of progress in the decades-long fight for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
Feb. 10 2022
Good health begins in the gut—but did you know an individual’s gut microbiome is established during the first two years of life?
Jan. 27 2022
How often do we hear or use the phrase that people “want to know where their food comes from”?
Jan. 10 2022
Starbucks, the world’s largest coffeehouse chain, set ambitious 2030 targets to reduce its water and carbon footprints by half