Oct. 18 2023
Guys, it’s October. Which basically means it’s Christmas, right? Do you know one of my favorite things about Christmas? I mean besides family being together, Christmas cookies, the music, and...
Nov. 17 2022
Dairy farming is a complex job every day and filled with many unique responsibilities
Oct. 26 2022
Farmers have complex jobs that make rest difficult even when we have to
Sept. 7 2022
There’s no right opinion or way to look at dairy farming, dairy foods, or life
July 29 2022
The things I love about farming make it worth the challenges
July 19 2022
Dairying provides many little instances of joy
June 16 2022
I followed my dreams and goals even if it wasn’t the most popular route because it’s what I believed in
Aug. 27 2020
Oftentimes, dairy farmers just take it day by day to get the work done. Still, it is crucial that someone in the business has an eye on the future and a plan of what is to come
Aug. 4 2020
We recently hosted dairy farmers from New York on our farm in Oregon. I had never met these farmers before, but we had been connected through the Guernsey breed