Sept. 17 2021
Every farm must wait until conditions are right for harvesting the next crop, but when you see neighbors and friends roll out their choppers and combines, it is difficult to be patient
Aug. 23 2021
Holtz Dairy uses a rotational grazing system to help feed their organic dairy herd. They converted 150 acres to this system after being unable to grow crops on the soil
Aug. 15 2021
Corn must be ensiled at the proper moisture for optimum fermentation. However, determining whole plant moisture can be problematic
Aug. 15 2021
Sometimes our hay and silage samples were getting burned because we forgot to turn the moisture tester off after the allotted time was up
Aug. 12 2021
As some areas across the country face short feed inventories, dairy farmers may be limping along and stretching forage supplies to make it through until the next crop is harvested
July 12 2021
Research by the USDA Agricultural Research Service at its station in Idaho found higher crop yields where livestock manure had previously been applied
June 9 2021
California’s water situation has not been good for a long time; however, this year could prove to be even worse
May 7 2021
As one of the most influential scientists of his generation, Peter Van Soest forever changed fiber analysis and the way we feed our cows. This Washington State dairy farm boy from humble immigra
April 19 2021
Every year before forage harvest begins, the questions come regarding quality or quantity of forage
April 5 2021
Matt Kaschmitter, a managing partner for Silverstreak Dairy, shared his insight in building connections between livestock producers and crop farmers at the Midwest Forage Association’s virtual annual...
April 1 2021
The corn planting season will start soon in most regions of the U.S. This means it is time for planning our silage replenishment strategies
March 25 2021
Planting and growing an alfalfa-grass mix is really a two prong question. Does it work from an agronomic aspect? How will the cows respond when putting milk into the bulk tank?
March 18 2021
Researchers at Cornell University performed studies on how corn hybrid type impacted kernel processing, and they found the factors that had the biggest influence were ear-to-stover ratio and ear dry matter
Dec. 29 2020
Coming out of graduate school over a decade ago, I had sound academic training from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I needed a few years of experience in the fields and agriculture industry to begin...
Dec. 21 2020
Farmers should have soil analyses done on all their fields on a regular basis. Most nutrient management plans require soil testing at least once every three years
Dec. 10 2020
Corn harvested for silage can be an economically efficient way to attain high per-acre yields of digestible nutrients for feeding dairy cattle. However, silage harvest leaves little crop residue to co
Nov. 13 2020
The challenging winters of recent years have impacted both alfalfa’s persistence and yield
Oct. 12 2020
While farmers are currently preparing for corn grain harvest, they need to consider phantom yield loss, moisture, and soil compaction
Sept. 28 2020
After logging 3,400 miles of windshield time through the heart of America’s cropland from September 14 to 18, I came away with this finding — this could be a banner crop year
Sept. 23 2020
‘Tis that time of year again. Everyone’s on edge for obvious reasons; harvest is a pretty big deal. For a lot of the country, it seems like corn in 2020 will be better than it was 2019, and...