Aug. 6 2020
It’s that time of the year again: silage season. We just got through cutting all of the corn silage, and now we are getting equipment ready to harvest sorghum
July 2 2020
Mother Nature has opened the floodgates and let the rain pour on certain parts of the country
June 22 2020
Forage polls conducted across the country provide a peek into this year’s feed outlook. The polls involve gathering data from a forage testing laboratory database and charting the results over time...
April 30 2020
For many farmers, 2019 will be remembered as a constant battle: A battle to get crops planted in the field A battle to get crops out of the field And the ongoing battle to restore soil health following...
April 27 2020
In many parts of the country, to say last fall’s harvest season was challenging is a major understatement. Attempts to finish cropping and apply manure through wet soil conditions left many fields...
April 13 2020
Small grain silages should be put up below 66% moisture
Feb. 13 2020
During the 1990s when Miner Institute was just starting to plant brown midrib (BMR) corn, the seed company representative selling these silage-only hybrids advised us to plant them only on our best cropland...
Dec. 30 2019
Being part of numerous discussions, invited talks, and articles recently centering on reviewing the 2019 growing and harvest season, and ultimately grasping the corn crop quality, a few common threads...
Nov. 18 2019
“Looking at the big picture . . . excessive rainfall had a huge impact on both hay crops and corn silages this year,” said Mike Rankin
Nov. 15 2019
A feed and forage outlookpresented by Mike Hutjens, University of Illinois and Mike Rankin, Hay & Forage GrowerSponsored by Kuhn Mike Hutjens and Mike Rankin, forage feeding specialists
Nov. 4 2019
Guidelines for selecting a silage hybrid Presented by Bill MahannaBrought to you by Pioneer In this webinar Bill Mahanna provided an overview of the main agronomic and nutritional factors to consider
Oct. 3 2019
The 36th World Forage Analysis Superbowl awarded winning producers during a luncheon on Wednesday at World Dairy Expo
Sept. 16 2019
Take control. That’s a message I echoed in a recent webinar to dairy forage growers. Get out, scout your fields with your agronomist and assess your corn’s current growth stage
Aug. 19 2019
Converting from conventional tillage to a reduced or no-till cropping system may come with a learning curve, but in terms of corn planting, it doesn’t require new machinery
Aug. 12 2019
Rather than planting the same crop in the same field year after year, rotating between two or more crops is the healthier route to go
July 25 2019
We are in full swing corn silage harvesting mode here at Hillcrest Farms. Last week temperatures rose to 100°F and higher and the humidity was right there with it
July 22 2019
We’ve fielded numerous support requests centering on managing through an unprecedented wet spring and summer from the High Plains through the Northeast
July 12 2019
Take a look at long forage particles in your feed. They may be slowing your cows down at the feedbunk.It is time to update our recommendations for optimal ration particle size
July 11 2019
I do a lot of corn planting at night in the dark. My planter doesn’t have any work lights at the back by the row units and seed tanks, and it is a headache to always have to carry a fl
June 1 2019
One of the challenges of growing alfalfa is the potential for winter injury and stand thinning or loss