Feb. 1 2024
Great forages are the foundation for precision feed management, said Joe Lawrence during a Cornell Cooperative Extension webinar
Nov. 13 2023
A feed and forage outlook for the year aheadpresented by: Hay & Forage Grower’s Managing Editor Mike Rankin and the University of Illinois’ Mike Hutjenssponsored by KuhnFarmers faced a my
Nov. 6 2023
Providing a third-party yield and quality evaluation of dozens of hybrids each year is a large undertaking, and to get the most value from this effort, each year we ask ourselves what other information...
Oct. 30 2023
This year had an impact on farmers across the US. Speaking specifically to the growing season and crop year, it’s abundantly clear that growing conditions in 2023 influenced the resulting alfalfa
Oct. 25 2023
It wasn’t until I moved to Wisconsin following college that I truly understood what it meant to try to farm in a place where winter seems to last from November to May
Oct. 12 2023
While I had planned to write about a different topic this week, I decided I had to share a comical moment from my day instead
Sept. 27 2023
The weather is cooling, the leaves are starting to turn, and football is back. For dairy enthusiasts, that all means two things: corn silage harvest is underway or complete, and World Dairy Expo will be...
Sept. 21 2023
With corn silage harvest underway or starting soon, in many areas the main focus is on optimizing the yield and nutritional value of this important feed ingredient, and rightly so. Trusting that plans...
Sept. 15 2023
Regardless of the cropping season, now is a great time to think about how you can maximize your herd’s response to the forages you’ve harvested. Proper grouping and allocation of forages is...
Sept. 14 2023
Whether it’s the order of crops and fields to harvest or simply getting machinery where it’s needed and loads timed out correctly, harvest is essentially a thoughtfully planned symphony in...
Sept. 11 2023
There are several reasons why fall is my favorite time of the year. Dropping temperatures, cooler mornings, turning leaves, and perhaps most importantly, football. To be sure, the September games can feel...
Sept. 7 2023
In Alan Jackson’s song, “Summertime Blues,” he discusses how, as a teenager, you work all summer and do not have the opportunity to enjoy it. That perspective most likely resonates with...
Sept. 6 2023
It’s harvest time — or soon will be — for corn silage in many dairy areas
Sept. 6 2023
In 2021, rains came on time and in the right quantities, and the corn made some of the best yields we’ve seen. But as we all know, there’s many a slip ‘twixt the cup and lip — or...
Sept. 4 2023
“This harvest for silage is going to be different, but let’s embrace the opportunity at hand and manage what we can,” said John Goeser during the August Hoard’s Dairyman webinar....
Aug. 28 2023
In parts of the country that haven’t chopped corn for silage yet, the anticipation grows in regard to when the crop will be ready and how good the feed will be. During the August Hoard’s Dairyman...
Aug. 24 2023
Optimizing corn harvest for silage under variable growing conditionspresented by John Goeser, Rock River Laboratorysponsored by Lallemand During this session, Goeser will lean on hi
Aug. 14 2023
While I was searching for information sources to use for a different writing assignment, I came across a Penn State Extension article that discussed managing weeds
Aug. 10 2023
Utilizing cover crops is a sort of agronomic “Choose your own adventure” game with many species that can work, for multiple purposes, and various ways to establish and rotate them
July 17 2023
There’s something about the warm glow of summer sunshine that puts everything into the perfect light