Aug. 10 2022
Forages are the foundation of a strong dairy feeding program, and if utilized correctly, alternative forages can provide flexibility and high-quality feed
Aug. 8 2022
Make the most of this year's corn silagepresented by John Goeser, Rock River LaboratoryLeaning on prior experience, as well as taking into account this year’s growing season, Goeser projects t
Aug. 4 2022
Corn silage harvest means all hands are on deck to make the best feed we can for our cows
July 22 2022
Although unloading small square bales of hay is a hot, tiresome, and dreaded task by us all, it also brings back cherished memories from life as a farm kid and heartwarming thoughts of generations that...
July 8 2022
Crop protection often refers to the field and to agronomy. In agronomy, crop protection can take different forms, including insecticides or fungicides, with both aiming to maintain plant health when c
June 16 2022
The corn planting season for silage is nearly completed, and it is not too early to start planning the corn harvesting season
June 6 2022
In the past few weeks, I’ve fielded a half dozen phone calls following a number of episodes involving unexplained health issues in high-performing cows. The calls came from throughout Minnesot
June 3 2022
Having to view our operations in new ways can lead to valuable innovations
May 26 2022
While planters were rolling fast and furious this past week, corn planting has been running a bit behind the five-year trend. This year’s cool, wet spring is partly to blame
May 10 2022
Farmers make many critical decisions prior to, during, and after harvesting forages. These decisions directly impact how well forage will ferment and be preserved for future feedout
May 2 2022
While planting season is well underway in the southern half of the U.S., a cold and wet spring has many farmers in more northern states playing a waiting game
April 11 2022
With herbicide shortages mounting for the 2022 growing season, some growers may be looking for ways to reduce product needs. Before making too many cuts early on
April 7 2022
This year’s planting season is setting up to be an expensive one, considering the skyrocketing prices for fuel and fertilizer
March 31 2022
Many of us find ourselves eating out more in recent years than we did a decade ago, and certainly more than a generation ago. In many regions, there has been a proliferation of eating options
March 23 2022
Corn silage serves as the foundation for dairy rations around the country, and feeding a high-quality product requires attention to detail throughout the growing, harvesting, and storage processes
Feb. 14 2022
Most farmers are always striving to maximize production, whether it is pounds of milk per cow or bushels of grain per acre. More product to sell typically means more profit, but there is a balance bet
Feb. 9 2022
Right now, you are likely experiencing sticker shock from looking at nitrogen fertilizer prices in late 2021 compared to the prior year
Jan. 14 2022
Alfalfa is known for its high nutritional value, and that makes it a valued forage source. However, alfalfa is often hindered nutritionally because of the indigestible lignin components
Jan. 13 2022
Inflated fertilizer prices are just one of the exacerbated input costs farmers are dealing with as we enter a new year and season
Dec. 6 2021
For dairy farmers, risk planning goes beyond the Dairy Margin Coverage program, Dairy Revenue Protection, and the many tools in the futures market