Oct. 25 2021
Bovine leukemia virus, commonly known as BLV, lurks in dairy herds around the world. Surveys indicate an estimated 45% to 50% of cows in the U.S. are infected, and 94% of the nation’s dairy herds
Oct. 20 2021
In this webinar, Dr. Kirkpatrick will focus on the financial impacts that a high first-test SCC can have on milk production, clinical mastitis rates and cull rates. Spoiler alert: It’s a lot more...
Sept. 2 2021
An evening vet call came in that a high value bull calf was down. I wasn’t far away from the calf grower, so I soon pulled in to find Becky running subcutaneous (SQ) lactated ringers (LRS)
Aug. 23 2021
In the early 20th century, tuberculosis was a scourge for cattle. However, in recent decades it’s become extremely rare, with ramifications only being felt by a handful of infected herds
Aug. 17 2021
Understanding how smoke affects cow health could be critical in the future of the fire-ravaged West
Nov. 30 2020
“If you look around your farm . . . what sort of things do I want to hide from the public? What’s not going on the packaging on the milk container at the grocery store?”
March 13 2020
Concerns surrounding coronavirus are impacting people across the United States and around the world. As I write this blog, events are being canceled and travel is highly discouraged — all in an attempt...
Oct. 14 2019
By now you may have heard about the epidemic of African Swine Fever (ASF) wreaking havoc on pig populations all around eastern Asia
July 13 2019
"Treating diarrhea in dairy calves" webinar was presented by Geof Smith, D.V.M., North Carolina State University
Nov. 29 2018
Every once in a blue moon we have a cold, sickness, or milk production drop from a feed change hit our herd. If you’re a dairyman, I am quite sure you have dealt with these things before
Aug. 27 2018
“Oh my, she does not look good.”To me, she just looked lethargic. She wasn’t thrifty.That was my first reaction after giving Cow No. 139 a visual evaluation while walking the freestall...
July 2 2018
When it comes to animal welfare, the easiest metrics to measure are health related . . . but welfare goes beyond the body. It can also vary from animal to animal
Sept. 19 2016
by Coleen Jones, Jud Heinrichs. This book gives you what you need to raise healthy calves. Available in both English and Spanish editions
Sept. 19 2016
"Cows send out useful information every moment of the day. You just need to know how to read the signals." Signals are continuous: cows' health, their well-being, nutrition and production. The challenge...
Sept. 19 2016
by Coleen Jones and Jud Heinrichs. Completely updated, this all-new book gives you what you need to raise healthy calves. CALVING events of a normal calving, assisting delivery, care of the newborn calf;...
Sept. 19 2016
Por Coleen Jones y Jud Heinrichs. Completamente nuevo, este libro le da lo que necesita para crecer las becerras. EL PARTO sucesos de un parto normal; Cómo asistir el parto; Cidado del recién...
Sept. 19 2016
Combining the intricacies of dairy cow health care with the welfare protocols of the USDA organic program, author and veterinarian Paul Biagiotti details vital information for managing organic dairy animals