June 22 2021
Students across the state tested their culinary skills by crafting and submitting original recipes as part of the Beef Chopped Challenge hosted by the Wisconsin Restaurant Association Education
May 17 2021
“Beef production from Holstein steers has been a natural by-product or co-product of milk production,” said University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Dan Schaefer during the May Hoard’s...
May 11 2021
Capturing full value for Holstein and crossbred steerspresented by Dan Schaefer, University of Wisconsin-Madisonsponsored by Neogen
April 14 2021
Not that long ago, high genetic merit bulls with evaluations based on milking daughters topped the A.I. sale charts. Then came sexed semen and genomic testing. Flush with high-end replacements, that d
March 29 2021
“Dairy farmers don’t consider themselves beef producers, but they should,” said Aerica Bjurstrom, a University of Wisconsin Division of Extension agriculture agent, said during a “Badger...
Aug. 27 2020
The dairy industry was in turmoil this spring with dumped milk and bottomed-out prices. Dairy farmers’ second source of revenue — the beef market — wasn’t doing much better
April 16 2020
Domestic semen sales of beef breeds skyrocketed 128% in the past two years to reach 5.8 million units. That’s up from 2017’s 2.5 million units
March 23 2020
By nature, dairy farmers sell milk. Consequently, though, we also sell beef — whether that’s in the form of bull calves, culled cows, raised steers, or other animals
March 2 2020
As dairy producers, we tend to focus on milk prices, but it pays to be aware of what’s going on in the beef markets, too
Jan. 27 2020
Knowing how to breed desirable dairy-beef calves can make a big difference in the value of this quickly growing system
Jan. 13 2020
There’s much more potential for beef-on-dairy breedings than just settling cows
July 29 2019
Meat, chicken, fish, dairy products, or eggs . . . as it turns out, your body needs nine proteins found in these foods because those amino acids cannot be made by the body
Sept. 10 2018
We are in the dairy business with milk being our primary source of revenue, but ultimately, we also sell beef
Jan. 22 2018
We’ve all heard it before: Dairy farmers are in the beef producing business, too
Jan. 1 2018
Researchers have known for years that food is an important part of both physical and mental health
Dec. 15 2017
The value that dairy calves, heifers, cows, bulls, and steers have in the beef industry is significant. In fact, dairy animals of all types are estimated to contribute 20 to 25 percent in any given year...
Oct. 24 2017
Our first LimFlex-sired bull calf arrived last week. It represents the beginning of another herd size management strategy we’re slowly adopting
Oct. 23 2017
Health Canada may recommend less meat and dairy in its next Food Guide for Canadians
Oct. 16 2017
The proportion of Holstein-type animals going through U.S. beef processing plants has almost quadrupled the last five years
Oct. 16 2017
The proportion of Holstein-type animals going through U.S. beef processing plants has almost quadrupled the last five years