June 19 2024
Millions of Americans do not have access to healthy foods
June 6 2024
Dairy products are tasty, affordable, and support our health in a variety of ways
May 27 2024
Dairy farmers and dairy groups have a healthful and valuable product to promote, and thanks to those efforts, the majority of people can cite that dairy is a good source of calcium, vitamin D, and protein...
Jan. 18 2024
This is shaping up to be an exciting year for both whole and lactose-free milk, two growing segments of fluid milk consumption that are poised for further gains in grocery aisles as well as Washington,...
Nov. 6 2023
For years, there has been a push by some to serve milk to schoolchildren in schools in packaging other than paper cartons to help improve the taste and appeal. As of late, though, all our dairy
Nov. 2 2023
Now that the month of October is in the rearview mirror, we have a full picture of what ended up being a record-breaking month in terms of butterfat prices
Sept. 4 2023
One of dairy’s best attributes as a food category is that milk’s versatility means there is a dairy product that can fit almost any cooking, baking, or eating need. For even more variety, the...
Aug. 10 2023
There’s a new curd on the block, thanks to a team of food science students at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls
Aug. 3 2023
A healthy diet that includes whole-fat dairy is associated with less risk of cardiovascular disease and mortality no matter what region of the world a person lives in or their income level, concludes a...
July 20 2023
How do you ensure the freshest possible dairy products halfway around the world?
July 13 2023
Dairy exports are an impressive story as the U.S. has grown by leaps and bounds, moving from a nonplayer three decades ago to exporting nearly 18% of our milk production via dairy products
June 30 2023
One of the coolest aspects of being part of a dairy farm is walking into a store — whether it’s a retailer or an on-farm shop — and seeing your milk bottled or made into other dairy products...
April 25 2023
It’s not a dairy farmer vacation until you get to take in the dairy scene, especially in another country
April 17 2023
A new day has dawned on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus. Originally home to the very first dairy foods short course in the United States back in 1890, the university has doubled down on dairy...
April 17 2023
When the United States Championship Cheese Contest announced its 2023 Top 20 cheeses in February, nine of the finalists were from the Badger State. That’s impressive, but no surprise, considering...
April 10 2023
One sweltering summer afternoon, dairyman Ken Smith was stopped at an intersection with a truckload of haylage
March 9 2023
A two-day seminar was held recently at a California college titled “Coffee, Tea, and Creamers: The Science and Art of Milk in Beverages.”
Feb. 27 2023
Although FDA established a standard of identity for milk in 1973, that standard of identity must only be followed by products that purport to be or are represented as milk