July 28 2022
Bread and milk: two key foods that get snatched off grocery store shelves whenever an emergency seems to be looming. The majority of Americans rely on milk as a important meal time staple
Oct. 26 2020
Federal aid to farmers in this unprecedented year has taken a number of forms: two iterations of the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program (CFAP), the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), and the Farmers to...
Sept. 28 2020
Dairy products have an important and well-recognized role in retail locations. That’s been true for many years, and it’s not a market that the industry hopes to cede in any way
Sept. 21 2020
“Dairy perishability will be as important as portability in the months and years ahead,” said Phil Plourd, president of Blimling and Associates Inc. and president of the services division of...
July 13 2020
At the peak of the COVID-19 panic buying in March, weekly dairy sales were nearly half a billion dollars higher than they would have been during a regular week, said market researcher Anne-Marie Roerink