Sept. 25 2018
Transition cow success has improved on many dairies in the last 20 years. Many dairy producers have effectively focused on improved cow comfort during the transition period
Sept. 17 2018
“Bolstering transition cow immunity” was the title of the September Hoard’s Dairyman webinar
Sept. 13 2018
Bolstering transition cow immunity webinar was presented by Marcus Kehrli, D.V.M., from USDA's National Animal Disease Center
May 7 2018
In order to get on their feet and get back into reproductive form, research has shown that a good fresh period is essential for cows
Feb. 25 2018
A stillbirth is defined as death of the calf within 24 to 48 hours after delivery. Unfortunately, these deaths continue to be a major problem on dairy farms
Jan. 10 2018
The single most important time in a cow’s life that could almost forecast her entire lactation is the transition period
Nov. 6 2017
It has long been understood that cows are creatures of habit and, for the most part, they follow a strict time budget. Three to 5 hours are dedicated to the feedbunk, 10 to 13 are for lying down
Nov. 6 2017
“Every fresh cow is enrolled in an aggressive postpartum program, including in-depth 12-day rectal temperature tracking,” said Gary de Graaff, a Platinum winner of the DCRC awards competition
Aug. 10 2017
Selective dry cow therapy targets only cows that have or had infections to receive antibiotics at dry-off. At the same time, cows that do not receive antibiotics get an internal teat seal
June 16 2017
Calving can be a challenging time for a cow. But the issues go beyond giving birth. Around freshening, the dairy cow is struggling with net energy, protein, and mineral imbalances
June 14 2017
The transition cow faces a number of challenges including metabolic and infectious diseases, which can cause problems throughout the upcoming lactation. This webinar discusses energy balance and minimizing...
May 10 2017
The transition cow has been a topic of intense research and farm-level focus for nearly 25 years. For much of this time, we have had a largely disease-centric approach to both research and evaluation
May 1 2017
If there is ever a time that cows experience more stress, it’s during the transition period. That’s the time just before, during, and after a cow has a calf
March 25 2017
Proper grouping of cows can improve cow health, boost production, and raise income over feed costs. However, grouping cows is not free. Adequate facilities, time to make grouping decisions and manage
March 13 2017
Of all the changes that the transition cow endures, negative energy balance is one of the greatest and most difficult to overcome
Feb. 6 2017
It’s an important question about an important topic that tends to be very underappreciated, says Garrett (Gary) Oetzel, D.V.M
Jan. 3 2017
Cows in the transition period have a target placed squarely on their backs when it comes to vulnerability to disease. Research indicates we are closer than ever to helping cows before health
Dec. 26 2016
The care received during the transition period, the three weeks prior to calving and three weeks after, can either set a cow up for a successful lactation . . . or set it back
Dec. 5 2016
Cornell’s Tom Overton challenged everyone to look at transition cows as an opportunity to transform dairy herds