Just last week, a dairy farm in Troupsburg, N.Y., was home to a miracle. A difficult calving, thought to end with a dead calf, actually ended up with a live, healthy bull calf with some unique accessories. The farm is home to Brian and Lisa Robinson and their children, Logan and Shante. When a cow was having trouble during calving last Tuesday, they prepared for the worst but gave it their best try. Eventually, after the use of a calf-puller, a live calf emerged. One thing was different though - he had six limbs.

The farm's veterinarian believes the limbs are from a twin that fused during gestation. The limbs, while not fully reaching the ground, are connected to the spinal cord which makes an operation impossible. The family fittingly named the calf Mr. Miracle. The veterinarian also says he expects Mr. Miracle to live a long, healthy life. Watch this video below from a local news station about the miracle calf!

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