Oct. 7 2012 09:22 PM

Holstein and Jersey cows take top honors


Supreme Champion and Grand Champion Holstein:

RF Goldwyn Hailey-ET

Gen-Com Holstein, Quebec

Reserve Supreme Champion and Grand Champion Jersey:

Arethusa Response Vivid-ET

Arethusa Farm, Connecticut

Here are the other representatives of each breed:

Ayrshire: Sweet-Pepper Black Francesca
Beverly J. Donovan, Maine

Brown Swiss: Forest Lawn Whistler Molly
Renegade Swiss, Wisconsin

Guernsey: Misty Meadows Adacka Pixie
Jaclyn Peterson, Wisconsin

Milking Shorthorn: Mi-San Acres O Lust-ET
David Riley, Ohio

Red & White: Blondin Redman Seisme-Red
Milksource Genetics