Hoard's at Expo covers the events of the 2021 World Dairy Expo
National Collegiate Dairy Cattle Judging Contest High Individuals from World Dairy Expo
Ken Elliott may not have been born in Wisconsin, or even the U.S. for that matter. However, once he arrived in the Badger State in 1995, he fully embraced his newfound home in America’s Dairyland
In her trade show booth at World Dairy Expo, you’ll find Minnesota-native Cheryl Mohn. She is the founder and president of Udder Tech Inc. — a family-owned and operated outfitter of farming...
Bill Langel is the only superintendent the modern-day Red and White show at World Dairy Expo has ever known
Most often when you hear the phrase “it takes a village,” someone is referring to raising children, but isn’t the same true for any cow show?
Unphased by the hustle and bustle of World Dairy Expo, three experienced volunteers are eagerly taking on new show superintendent positions this year
For the past three years, James Walter of Stoughton, Wis., has provided the music for visitors of the showring to enjoy while they watch and cheer for their favorite bovine beauties
On Tuesday, October 1, World Dairy Expo will open, and the exhibitors and cattle of the International Junior Holstein Show will be the first to walk the colored shavings in the Coliseum
Merle Howard was a pioneer in the dairy industry, whose commitment to developing outstanding cow families and fostering youth development throughout the industry can be seen in many of the lives that he...
You’re going to have to make them on your own.” Carol Herden recalled her mother saying this to her about her habit of collecting Breyer model horses. Growing up on a farm, her mother told...
There are some calves that seem destined for greatness from the start. They have the look, the pedigree, or the numbers
The author farms with her husband, Kevin, and his parents in Lakeville, Ohio.From World Dairy Expo’s inception, organizers dedicated themselves to presenting a professional, fair, and world class...
International companies made up 17 percent of the total commercial exhibitors at World Dairy Expo’s trade show in 2018
Following the conclusion of the International Holstein Show, the Coliseum fills with dairy cattle enthusiasts in anticipation for the World Dairy Expo Parade of Champions
A partnership that was born out of necessity over 35 years ago has fostered a unique opportunity for college students and companies to connect during one of the dairy industry’s busiest weeks of...
Joining the long line of professional fitters and cattle caretakers at World Dairy Expo was a day to remember for Evan Creek of Hagerstown, Md
Adam Liddle and his family have frequented World Dairy Expo for many years, and he’s even heard his name announced over the intercom in the showring as a judge
For many dairy companies World Dairy Expo, is simply a must-attend event, but it is not for the reasons many of you think. Truthfully, companies might not make a single dollar of sales
Meeting security challenges in the post-9/11 era is no small task; it requires a complete approach that includes top-notch leadership, human resource management, strategic planning, and technological