Hoard's Dairyman covers the activities that happen during World Dairy Expo in Hoard's at Expo, which is sponsored by Trioliet
It is accepted that an udder filled with milk is advantageous to the exhibition of dairy cattle
A unique trait of World Dairy Expo is that it may be the world’s largest gathering of students of all ages with an interest in dairy
Some of World Dairy Expo’s creative visionaries develop works of art for visitors to take home and cherish
It is a unique occurrence for one family to boast several judges of the caliber required to place cattle on the grand stage of World Dairy Expo. Two brothers judge Expo the same year
The Hellenbrand Lasting Legacy Award was first presented in 2021 following Mike’s passing from cancer in 2020. It aims to continue the work he did and spirit he embodied by allowing a deserving dairy...
The ring surface is so iconic that the term “colored shavings” is an alias for Expo itself, and showing on the colored shavings is a lifelong dream for many
National Collegiate Dairy Cattle Judging Contest High Individuals from World Dairy Expo
Hoard's at Expo covers the events of the 2022 World Dairy Expo
Imagine taking 1,300 photographs over five days. That means, on average, one photo is taken every three minutes
World Dairy Expo’s in-ring announcing has seen much change over the years. Initially, announcers were seated near the ring, where they could readily read and identify back tags of winning animals...
The great ones can go by one name. This is true whether you’re talking about great people or, in dairy’s case, great cows
World Dairy Expo is a jam-packed week, but this year, it will look a little different as the global dairy industry’s meeting place operates with a new schedule intended to be more efficient fo
A level playing field for all exhibitors and, more importantly, the fact that milk and beef are food for human consumption were the two primary reasons World Dairy Expo leaders forged ahead
Hoard's at Expo covers the events of the 2021 World Dairy Expo
Ken Elliott may not have been born in Wisconsin, or even the U.S. for that matter. However, once he arrived in the Badger State in 1995, he fully embraced his newfound home in America’s Dairyland
In her trade show booth at World Dairy Expo, you’ll find Minnesota-native Cheryl Mohn. She is the founder and president of Udder Tech Inc. — a family-owned and operated outfitter of farming...
Bill Langel is the only superintendent the modern-day Red and White show at World Dairy Expo has ever known
Most often when you hear the phrase “it takes a village,” someone is referring to raising children, but isn’t the same true for any cow show?
Unphased by the hustle and bustle of World Dairy Expo, three experienced volunteers are eagerly taking on new show superintendent positions this year