Lights, cameras, Expo! Since 2008, Token Creek Mobile Television brought World Dairy Expo’s colored shavings, elated exhibitors, and world-class cows to the big screen through ExpoTV
Many people dream of exhibiting a Grand Champion animal at World Dairy Expo. Perhaps more dream of breeding such an animal
Sheila McGuirk, D.V.M., called a 1982 interview for a founding position on the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine faculty “a heaven-sent interview.”
The ninth annual Robert “Whitey” McKown Master Breeder Award will be presented to Wendon Holsteins of Innisfail, Alberta, Canada, at the 51st World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wis
Hoard's at Expo blogs and articles detail the events of the 2017 World Dairy Expo
The author is a freelance writer based in Union Bridge, Md.The World Ayrshire Federation Conference supplied not only more spectators of the Ayrshire Show but also drew in more exhibitors. In 2016, 3
Since 1988, each World Dairy Expo has had a unique theme. That theme is reflected in just about every aspect of the show, from the Purple Cow Gift Shop to media materials to the ever popular showring
Larry Schirm brings a lifetime of expertise to the ring as he helps keep the World Dairy Expo placings and cuts consistent from Class 1 to Class 12
The 4-H, post-secondary, and collegiate contests joined forces in 2016 to offer a more efficient contest to students from all across the country
Some of the world’s best genetics are offered for auction at the various breed sales held at World Dairy Expo. And while some things have changed since the inception of the breed sales, which began
photo by Nina Linton for WDE For many dairy youth, competing at the prestigious World Dairy Expo means presenting your prize-winning heifer on the colored shavings. However, some youth who attend
It takes a team both at home and at shows to run a successful show string. Over the years, Budjon has become one of the biggest, housing nearly 350 head of cattle for around 50 clients
A record 139 products debuted at World Dairy Expo in 2016, giving visitors lots to see and exhibitors a lot to compete with
Trophies carrying the names of Expo pioneers like Hetts (left and top right), King (center right), and Blaska (bottom right) memorialize some of the most influential minds of Expo. Articles on Wo
Four classes and a set of questions make up the Central National FFA Dairy Cattle Judging Contest that takes place during World Dairy Expo each year. Around 400 students compete.Early on the Tuesday m
The Jersey show has expanded immensely from a small regional show in the 1970s to the international event that it is today
From check-in to sewing to providing leadership, volunteers are the heart blood of the show. Today, there are 128 individuals who have been honored with the title Friend of Expo. Just a few of them ar
While the show has evolved over the past five decades, many of the names and faces have remained the same. Here’s a look into the memories of some longtime and well-known attendees
One of the first to make the long haul from California to Expo, Stuart Rowe and his Innisfail herd have certainly reaped the rewards of the lengthy trip in the form of impressive placings and numerous...
Born from the desire and dreams to have a world-class dairy show, World Dairy Expo has developed into the world’s most-respected and most-renowned dairy event. That is largely due to innovative steps...