Hoard's at Expo blogs:

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Where the 4-H dairy world meets

Pulling a rabbit out of the hat

Practice proves to provide edge to youth fitters

Crothers blows out the candles on post-secondary contest

Wisconsin talks it way to the top of the 4-H contest

Homebred cows reign as Ayrshire champions

We are the (Jr. Holstein Show) Champions…

Trade show exhibitors celebrate another Expo

It will be a packed night for Dairy Shrine

Martha three-peats as Jersey Champion

Blanche tops Milking Shorthorn Show

Fresh Expo flavors

How well do you know World Dairy Expo?

Enjoy Expo from near or far

Over 400 youth participate in showmanship

My Dairy Dashboard Debuts

Annual awards:

Judging History
National 4-H Dairy Cattle Judging Contest High Individuals
Post-Secondary Dairy Judging Contest High Individuals