September 2013

9.30.2013 Lallemand Animal Nutrition introduces Forage Center of Excellence
9.30.2013 American Guernsey Association Appoints New Leadership
9.30.2013 Donald Driver keynote speaker of 2014 Dairy Calf and Heifer Association conference
9.30.2013 Dry Period Energy and Subsequent Reproduction
9.30.2013 Ohio State takes Collegiate Victory at 2013 All-American Dairy Show
9.30.2013 Wisconsin Wins Big at All-American Junior Dairy Management Contest
9.30.2013 UW Veterinarians Norlund, McGuirk Earn High Honors from Dairy Industry
9.30.2013 Holstein Hat-Trick for Supreme Champion at 2013 All American Dairy Show

9.27.2013 Innovative Improvement Made to gender SELECTed Sorting Procedures
9.27.2013 ABS & Afimilk Partnership: Afimilk, ABS Jointly Introduce Innovative Dairy Heat Detection Device
9.27.2013 4 tips to reduce variation in the ration
9.27.2013 Bobcat Launches "I Have an Idea" Contest
9.27.2013 Nichino America Announces Manager for Strategic Planning and Business Development
9.27.2013 CRI's Wanner Provides Cooperative Insight in South Africa
9.27.2013 Agricultural Gypsum Leader GYPSOIL Offers Tips for Fall Applications
9.26.2013 Zoetis PeopleFirst™ Learning Management Portal expands training
9.26.2013 IDEXX Introduces the IDEXX Visual Pregnancy Test for Bovine Veterinarians
9.26.2013 FINBIN update allows producers to select comparable farms to benchmark
9.26.2013 Lallemand Animal Nutrition announces addition of two in the Pacific Northwest
9.26.2013 6 simple tips for sanitation to boost calf health
9.26.2013 DCHA Tip of the Week: Calf Scours: Causes, prevention and treatment
9.26.2013 Nominations Open for 2014 National Jersey Awards
9.26.2013 Monitor Corn Fields for Stalk Quality Problems
9.26.2013 Karoun Dairies Wins Big with American Cheese Society Awards 2013
9.25.2013 UW-Madison Dairy Science to Hold Visit Day Oct. 25
9.24.2013 Potential for Corn Ear Molds This Year Due to Weather Extremes
9.24.2013 CWT Assists with 5 Million Pounds of Cheese and Butter Export Sales
9.24.2013 PDPW Announces 100-Pound Dairy Tours
9.24.2013 Balchem Animal Nutrition & Health Announces New Management Structure
9.24.2013 Top Ag Banking Award Goes to Wisconsin Banker
9.24.2013 Food Manufacturers and Retailers Support Compromise Dairy Title
9.24.2013 Keep cover crops until spring to protect fields
9.24.2013 Jaylor Celebrates 20 Years of Innovation
9.24.2013 Adisseo announces an agreement with Verus Animal Nutrition to expand their presence in Ontario
9.24.2013 Caring begins on the FARM
9.24.2013 Zoetis, American Association of Bovine Practitioners award scholarships to 15 veterinary students
9.23.2013 broadhead's Linda Romander named a NAMA's 2013 Professional Development winners
9.23.2013 ANIMART Announces Facebook Promotion benefiting FFA

9.20.2013 The Science of Animal Well-Being Q&A with Amy Stanton
9.20.2013 Windle Named VITA PLUS Forage Products and Dairy Technical Service Specialist
9.20.2013 Extending The Grazing Season With Forage Crops
9.20.2013 Get to Know SEMEX Better at World Dairy Expo
9.20.2013 NMPF Statement on House of Representatives Passage of the Farm Bill's Nutrition Program
9.20.2013 Dairy Situation and Outlook
9.19.2013 Floor Statement by Agriculture Committee Ranking Member Collin C. Peterson 9.19.13
9.19.2013 Select Sires Launches StrataGEN Online Resource
9.19.2013 Merial and Dairy Quality Center Honor Dr. Tom Strause with Veterinarian of the Year Award
9.19.2013 Higher Moisture Levels in Grain Call for Additional Safety Measures
9.19.2013 Scientists use gene editing to dehorn dairy cattle
9.19.2013 Center for Dairy Excellence Seeking Pacesetter Nominations
9.19.2013 DeLaval sells its 10,000th milking robot to a North American dairy producer
9.19.2013 Center for Dairy Excellence Seeks Candidates for 2014 Internship
9.19.2013 Engineer, Doctor or Dairy Farmer?
9.18.2013 Entry Deadlines for North American International Livestock Expo Are Near
9.18.2013 20th Annual Intercollegiate Dairy Cattle Judging Contest Won by Minnesota
9.18.2013 Furst-McNess Company selected by Fox River Valley Ethanol to Distribute Ethanol Co-Products
9.18.2013 Nature versus nurture: Early calf development depends on proper nutrition
9.18.2013 Calf-Tel launches a Heavy Duty Fence System
9.18.2013 Select Sires' Professional Technicians Receive Advanced Training
9.18.2013 World Dairy Expo Trade Show Ranks Higher in Gold 100
9.18.2013 Employees of Genex Complete Training
9.18.2013 Dairy Checkoff Update
9.17.2013 CWT Assists with 5.4 Million Pounds of Cheese and Butter Export Sales
9.17.2013 Adisseo Presented with IT Innovation Award
9.17.2013 E.I. Medical Imaging Donates Portable Ultrasound System
9.17.2013 University of Minnesota Dominates in Accelerated Genetics Dairy Cattle Judging Contest
9.17.2013 Vermeer Reveals New Mower Conditioner Line
9.17.2013 Nasco Releases 2014 Farm & Ranch Catalog
9.17.2013 2013 Farm Bill: Groundhog Day?
9.16.2013 Professional Dairy Producers Foundation (PDPF) Making Grant Funds Available
9.16.2013 Peterson Statement on Republican Nutrition Cuts
9.16.2013 Ertl Joins Semex as US Jersey Sire Analyst
9.16.2013 Experts share forage management tips at Forage Producers Field Seminar
9.16.2013 Use of Remote Sensing Imagery for Improved Management Decisions
9.16.2013 Select Sires Unveils Updated Holstein Impact Sires of the Breed Artwork
9.16.2013 All-American Dairy Show Showmanship Winners
9.16.2013 Holstein Supreme Champion of All-American Dairy Show's Premier National Junior Events
9.16.2013 broadhead hires five, promotes one
9.16.2013 ABS Global Welcomes Rod Parmenter as Area Sales Manager
9.16.2013 Maryland 4-H Dairy Judging is off to a great start!
9.16.2013 Seth Johnson Resigns as Executive Secretary of the American Guernsey Association
9.16.2013 Center for Dairy Excellence Foundation Awards Six Scholarships to Young Dairy Leaders
9.16.2013 DuPont Pioneer Hires Bill Powel-Smith as Dairy Specialist
9.16.2013 Amy Schaufelberger Joins ABS Team as Conerstone Specialist

9.13.2013 CALS Honors Four Wisconsin AG Leaders and Two Agricultural Scientists
9.12.2013 Linney Joins Maryland & Virginia's Executive Team
9.12.2013 Accelerated Genetics is Set to Host 20th Annual Intercollegiate Dairy Cattle Judging Contest
9.12.2013 Four Select Sires Earn Gold Medal Status
9.12.2013 Final Voting Begins to Select Finalist from Among Three Names for REAL® Seal Cartoon Character
9.12.2013 DFA Joins Others in Opposition to S.B. 236
9.12.2013 Dr. Mike Hutjens Announced as Speaker for October
9.12.2013 Land O'Lakes Foundation Awards 2013 John Brandt Memorial Foundation Scholarships
9.12.2013 Dairy Association Chooses New Executive
9.12.2013 Harvest management for drought-stressed corn silage
9.12.2013 Agriculture, an attractive career, you've got to be kidding?
9.12.2013 Co-ops: Raw milk sales "Russian roulette"
9.12.2013 DCHA Tip of the Week: Help your refractometer do its job better
9.12.2013 Young Exhibitors Win $35,000 in Prizes, Top Show Calves as All-American Dairy Show Opens
9.12.2013 Hushon Honored for Pioneering Premier National Junior Events
9.11.2013 Raising Salmonella Awareness with Quick Tip Series
9.11.2013 NMPF and IDFA Urge Wisconsin Lawmakers to Reject State Legislation Allowing Sales of Unpasteurized Milk
9.11.2013 Winners announced for First Annual Producers Forage Bowl
9.11.2013 Golf Tournament to Support AgVentures! Learning Center
9.11.2013 Transforming On-Farm Trials into Improved Crop Management Decisions
9.11.2013 ABS Global Welcomes Cordayle Ortega as Call Center Representative
9.11.2013 Calcium Products Names New CEO
9.11.2013 Clay Target Championship Supports World Dairy Expo Youth
9.11.2013 Dairy Heat Stress Road Show Travels Again
9.11.2013 Drying and Storing Wet, Immature Grain
9.11.2013 Interglobe Genetics & Dairybullsonline Announce New Promotions & Communications Manager
9.11.2013 Enhanced Dairy Traceability Best Practices for Processors Established
9.11.2013 CWT Assists with 8.4 Million Pounds of Cheese and Butter Export Sales
9.10.2013 Betaseed, Inc. Selects broadhead as Brand Agency
9.10.2013 ARS Researchers Develop Strategies to Stop Tuberculosis Infections in Cattle
9.10.2013 Early-Bird Registration Ends Tomorrow!
9.10.2013 ‘Working together for safety in agriculture'
9.10.2013 UW Beginning Dairy & Livestock Farmer School Offers Classes & Mentoring at Sites Across the State
9.9.2013 Americans Pick Up International Prizes at IFAJ World Congress
9.9.2013 USDA to launch new dairy study in 2014
9.9.2013 Webinar #8: Milk Component and Yield Trends by Season and Region
9.9.2013 Dates set for National Mastitis Council 53rd Annual Meeting
9.9.2013 Alta Seeds Announces New Customer Service & Technical Lead
9.9.2013 New Kuhn SR 100 GII SpeedRake®
9.9.2013 DCHA Tip of the Week: Study looks at higher-grain diets for young heifers
9.9.2013 PDPW Revamps Enhanced Internship Program
9.9.2013 When it comes to calf feeding, understanding consumption is key
9.9.2013 Animal Disease Traceability Forum White Paper Released
9.9.2013 Wisconsin's More Modest Growth in Farmland Values Reflects the Economics of Cows vs. Corn
9.9.2013 Loader bucket NIR Demo
9.9.2013 Governor Corbett to Open 50th All-American Dairy Show
9.9.2013 IPS Sires - #1 & #2 on SCR National Ranking
9.9.2013 PortaScience, Inc. receives Feed the Future funding to support African dairy farmers
9.9.2013 Bobcat Company selects Create and Conserve contest winner

9.6.2013 Make the Most of Data This Fall with Precision Ag Tools
9.6.2013 We Now Understand Why Corn Silage is Best as a Christmas Treat
9.6.2013 See the Milk Results on Dairies
9.6.2013 New Freedom Mount fits for New Holland TM Series
9.6.2013 American Farm Bureau's Raw Milk Policy Development 2013
9.6.2013 Founding Father of All-American Dairy Show Named Obie Award Winner
9.6.2013 Top O' The Morn Farms Takes First Place For Milk at National Dairy Competition
9.6.2013 Butler County Woman Named An All-American Image Award Winner
9.3.2013 CWT Assists with 3.0 Million Pounds of Cheese and Butter Export Sales
9.3.2013 Semex Genomax™ Bulls Top the Charts
9.3.2013 Cumberland County Man Named An All-American Image Award Winner
9.3.2013 Hushon to be Honored for Pioneering Premier National Junior Events
9.3.2013 The All-American Dairy Show: Celebrating 50 Years of Excellence
9.3.2013 High Tensile Fencing and Pasture Water System Demonstration

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