1. Trim size: 10-1/4 inches by 14-1/4 inches

2. Column dimensions:
Single-column width - 2.13 inches
Double-column width - 4.465 inches
Column depth - 13 inches

3. Non-bleed specifications:

9-1/8 inches (wide) x 13 inches (deep)

JUNIOR PAGE (429 lines)
6.8 inches (wide) x 10 inches (deep)

3/4 PAGE (3 cols.)
6.8 inches (wide) x 13 inches (deep)

1/2 PAGE VERTICAL (2 cols.)
4.465 inches (wide) x 13 inches (deep)

9 1/8 inches (wide) x 6 1/2 inches (deep)

1/2 JUNIOR PAGE (3 cols.)
6.8 inches (wide) x 5 inches (deep)

1/4 PAGE (2 cols.)
4.465 inches (wide) x 6 1/2 inches (deep)

1/4 PAGE (single column)
2.13 inches (wide) x 13 inches (deep)

4. Orders for black and one-color advertisements should state color desired. All colors must be converted to CMYK format. All composition by publisher will be charged at going commercial rates.
Electronic files will be held for a limited time.


1. No bleed charge.

2. Mechanical requirements. Trim measurements are listed in inches below. An additional 1/8" bleed allowance must be added to all four sides. Bleeds should be set to accommodate both right and left hand page placement. Live matter should be kept a minimum of 1/4" from all trim edges.

Page Size Width Depth
Full page bleed 10 1/4 14 1/4
Junior page bleed 7 3/8 10 3/4
Three-quarter page bleed7 3/814 1/4
One-half page vertical page bleed 5 14 1/4
One-half page horizontal bleed 10 1/4 7
One-half junior page bleed 7 3/8 5 5/8
One-half junior spread bleed 14 1/25 5/8
One-half horizontal spread bleed 20 1/2 7
Junior page spread bleed14 3/410 3/4
Full page spread bleed 20 1/214 1/4


One or two columns, 14 lines. One- or two-column advertisements exceeding 168 lines in depth will take full-column rates. Three- and four-column advertisements must be full-column depth, excepting horizontal half pages, junior pages and half junior pages. The 10 inches adjacent to junior page may be purchased at regular line rate.


All advertising materials must be received in digital form. Hoard's Dairyman is composed on Macintoshes utilizing formats supported below.

  1. Media: CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD RW and Flash Drive.
  2. Programs: Adobe Creative Package CS-CC.
  3. PDF files must be set at CMYK format with all fonts embedded, and all text and images created at a maximum resolution.
  4. Ads submitted via email should be sent to If file size prohibits sending via email, please contact Gayle Grandt at
  5. Fonts: All fonts used to create the file must be included as Postscript fonts. Fonts not received as Postscript fonts will be matched at the publisher's discretion.
  6. Colors: All colors must be provided in CMYK format. Colors received in a different format other than CMYK may be converted to CMYK by the publisher.
  7. Images: All image files must be submitted as JPEG, TIF or EPS files. Photo images must be CMYK and have a minimum resolution of 300 dpi. Web graphics cannot be used in print media. Adobe Illustrator or Macromedia Freehand files must be submitted as EPS files with supporting postscript fonts, and if emailed, be compressed either in to a Macintosh self-extracting archive (.sea, .sit or .hqx) or within a .zip file.
  8. Proofs: A SWOP certified proof must be supplied by the advertiser/agency for ads submitted digitally. If no color match proof is provided by the customer, the ad will be printed at the pressmen's discretion, to "pleasing color".
  9. Issues of Hoard's Dairyman are searchable through our online database. Advertisements may be searchable provided the ad materials arrive in our office as high resolution PDF files created in InDesign, QuarkXpress or Adobe Illustrator. Text should not be converted to outlines.


1. A wide variety of insert formats can be stitched or tipped into the magazine. An insert sample or dummy must be submitted for prior approval.

2. Inserts should be printed on no less than 60-lb. (20 x 38 basis) paper stock.

3. Inserts should be shipped folded and ready for insertion, packaged to minimize damage, curling and unintentional folding is extremely important.

4. Standard size two-page inserts must have no less than a 4-inch binding hanger. Other requirements are on a case-by-case basis, depending upon insert format and other criteria. An insert sample or dummy must be submitted for prior approval.

5. Advertisers will be charged $45/M for inserts that tip into the publication.

6. Contact Gayle Grandt at 920-563-5551, ext. 145, or email for supplied insert material due-dates and shipping information.