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Sourcing the world's best genetics worldwide for Semex's leading Genomax™ program is netting impressive results. Dairymen everywhere appreciate sires that offer profitable, long-lasting and reliable results. The April genetic evaluation solidified these efforts and ensures our clients have the very best genetic portfolio to choose from.

Leading the list of program graduates is a December graduate, 0200HO02792 Sandy-Valley Saloon, who added over 400 daughters to his proof and rose to the #2 High Ranking Sire position. This increase saw his figures rise to +2553 PTAM, +2.70 PTAT and +2618 GTPI, making him the highest PTAT sire in the top 10 and and the highest PTAM bull in the top 40. This A2A2 sire is also the #1 sire in Italy and one of the most demanded A2A2 sires worldwide.

The breed's leading *RC sire, 0200HO02828 Dymentholm S Sympatico *RC, increased to
+2473 GTPI and +1844 PTAM with low SCS, +4.7 PL. Along with his high fertility Repromax™ status and HealthSmart™, Calving Ease™, Robot Ready™ and Red & White™ brands he's even more valuable.

Graduating in April is Immunity+™ sire 0200HO03877 Coyne-Farms Jabir. Jabir debuts at
+2412 GTPI, with +5.8 PL, 2.72 SCS, +4.7 DPR and 4.6 Fertility Index. He's a Facebook from a VG-85 Freddie x VG-85 DOM Ramos x four more VG or EX dams. Jabir carries the valuable Immunity+ status as well as being HealthSmart, Calving Ease and Robot Ready.

Never stronger, our Genomax lineup has over 120 active Holstein sires including 97 over
+2400 GTPI, 58 over +2500 GTPI as well as impressive averages of +582 NM$, +4.4 PL from 85 different sires and 65+ maternal grandsires!

Topping this US list:

  • 0200HO10586 De-Su Fedex: #1 Lottomax son at +2681 GTPI with 94 Fat, $858 NM$,
    +7.7 PL with leading $1118 DWP$. This Immunity+ and HealthSmart sire's dam is VG- 85 Mogul x VG-86 Domain x Sully Planet Montana EX-91 x nine more VG or EX dams.

  • 0200HO10442 Sandy-Valley Afterburner: #1 Flame son at +2657 GTPI with great health traits of +5.4 PL, 2.72 SCS, 2.2 DPR, solid +2.16 PTAT. This HealthSmart and Robot Ready sire's dam is a Mogul from VG-87 Amethyst, from VG-87 1* Planet Sapphire

  • 0200HO10577 Westcoast Kerrigan: Semex's #1 Kingboy is +2634 GTPI with positive deviations, $767 NM$, 2.73 SCS and +6.6 PL with +2.41 PTAT. This Immunity+™, HealthSmart, Robot Ready and A2A2 sire is from a VG-87 Numero Uno x VG-87 Robust x VG-87 1* Planet Sapphire x EX-92-2E

Other leading sires in the global Genomax lineup include:

  • #1 PTAT sire 0200HO10036 OH-River-SYC Byway (Meridian x Atwood)
  • #1 UK Genomic PLI bull 0200HO10258 Sandy-Valley Penmanship (Enforcer x Numero Uno)
  • #1 UK Genomic Type sire 0200HO10506 View-Home Albania (Defender x McCutchen)

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