May 6 2016 09:18 AM


Sharing Your Dairy Story

By Connie Seefeldt, WMMB Board Member - District 2

With less than two percent of the U.S. population in production agriculture, telling your story can help your neighbors and community better understand the dairy industry and its important impact on our economy, our environment and our health.

Connie Seefeldt As a dairy farmer, we have a powerful story and as we get into the busy season of field work and longer days, it is important for us to talk about what is happening on our farms. Being an advocate for agriculture is an area where we can all make an impact, whether you are having a conversation with a stranger at the grocery store, telling your dairy's story on social media, or conducting an interview on television, we all can make a valuable contribution.

It is important to remember, as we tell our story we need to listen as well. These interactions are an opportunity to open a dialogue to understand and learn about the concerns of consumers. Of course, this is easier said than done, but with a great resource like the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board, we can do this.

Whether hosting a farm tour or preparing for an interview, has resources and tools to help you prepare. You can find industry facts, current market and production updates and a complete review of the dairy industry can be found in Dairy Data. A unique feature of this year's Dairy Data publication is a historical snapshot of America's Dairyland, offering a glimpse of Wisconsin's deep roots in the dairy industry dating back to the 1800's.

Just as we are encouraged to share our story with our community, your promotion organization is working hard to share our Wisconsin dairy story as well on a local and national level. Through grassroots efforts of our 63 County Dairy Leader Groups to our Wisconsin Dairy Council, the nutrition education arm of WMMB, we have the opportunity to share and educate about the role of dairy products in a healthy diet and ongoing promotion of dairy foods and the dairy community. WMMB strives to make Wisconsin Cheese and Dairy foods available to all consumers across the U.S. By working with retailers and grocers, WMMB can ensure that great Wisconsin Cheese is available and identifiable in the deli or the dairy case in all 50 states.

Another unique way WMMB has been able to share stories is through WMMB's weekly television news reports- "Wisconsin Dairy News". This segment showcases the dairy industry or unique dairy foods from Wisconsin and airs in five television markets around the state, and also airs on the nationally-syndicated program, AgDay. If you have a story idea or WMMB program areas you would like to see highlighted via social media or on other platforms like our Wisconsin Dairy News segments please contact our staff at

The great thing about being a dairy farmer in Wisconsin, is that we have the opportunity to farm and become more involved off the farm as well. Getting involved on the WMMB board of directors representing six counties in Northeastern Wisconsin and now serving as chair, I have the opportunity to see first-hand just how our check-off dollars are used. As a dairy farmer you also have access to updates and information through the quarterly Dairy Update publication and our annual report which are both sent out in the mail. You can also find copies of past publications online HERE.

I wish you a safe planting season.

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