Accelerated Genetics had outstanding results from their recent Holstein sire classification. Nineteen sires were scored, including six new Excellent sires.

The sires that scored Excellent include: 014HO06823 Sandy-Valley To Torpedo-ET EX-91 at five years and four months, 014HO07223 Ladys-Manor Shakespeare-ET EX-91 at three years and ten months, 014HO07375 Glory-Road M Apple Crisp-ET*RC EX-90 at three years and three months, 014HO07229 Edg Clear Cut-ET EX-90 at three years and ten months, 014HO07461 Jenny-Lou Mcutchen Crank It EX-90 at two years and seven months, and 014HO07325 OCD Mccutchen Durango-ET*RC EX-90 at three years and nine months.

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