Accelerated Genetics Accelerated Genetics recently added Aaron Stalsberg, Jessica Connors, and Kendra Ackerman to the Sales Department. All three are based out of the Baraboo Administration facility.

Aaron Stalsberg is welcomed back to the Accelerated Genetics team as the Accelerated Genetics AI Trainer. In his role as AI Trainer, Stalsberg is responsible for training and ongoing education for the Reproductive Services Technicians, Regional Assistants and customers that require in-house training. Stalsberg began his career with Accelerated Genetics in 1994 as a Regional Assistant, and through the years worked as a Reproductive Services Technician as well as a Sales & Service Coordinator.

Jessica Connors is the Sales Administrative Assistant and comes to Accelerated Genetics with experience in Customer Service, Sales and Marketing. In her role, Connors acts as a key support to the leadership and sales team, develops and manages key reporting and forecasting operations, as well as works with the communications team to ensure successful sales and field campaigns.

Kendra Ackerman serves as the Receptionist/Customer Service Representative. Ackerman is responsible for welcoming guests to the office, answering calls from the team and customers as well as assisting all departments as needed. Ackerman has an extensive background in the dairy industry. She has work experience ranging from getting her hands dirty on the farm to agricultural sales and service, all while balancing community service in the agriculture sector.

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