We're thrilled to announce some very big news in the world of small dairy. BWS's Innovative ‘Lili-B' HTST Pasteurizeris only the 2nd of its kind to roll off the assembly line in the world. As the ‘buy local' movement grows, and readers / consumers continue to care more deeply about where their food is coming from - a partnership is brewing that promotes a return to traditional micro-dairy's using state-of-the-art machinery.

The Lili-B scales technology previously only used in mega-processing plants, finally making it possible for small, quality-focused dairy producers to compete in the marketplace. It's the perfect paradox: modern milking systems helping consumers return to the ‘root' of food.

As the newest addition to Vermont Tech's New Dairy Learning Center in Norwich, Vermont, the LiLi-B will be a game-changer in production for the new, on-site Norwich Farm Creamery. NFC is a private business run by a professional cheese-maker, but the Lili-B will provide hands-on educational experience in the world of micro-dairy development, production and distribution of value-added (a hot-topic in the world of food) products.

Give me 3 Reasons why this matters to me + my readers?

  • The taste + quality of value-added dairy products is well-known to exceed cheaper alternatives. As the number of micro-dairies grows, so will the creation of these delicious value-added milk products.
  • The conversation on food is changing: local is a major trend in the current culinary discussion.
  • Think: David (micro-dairies) versus Goliath (massive, conglomerate milking operations).

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