Fatty Acid

What you will learn?

  • Why you need to select for better cows
  • Feed cows to their genetic potential
  • Nutritionists need to talk with geneticists
  • Geneticists need to talk with breeders

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Dr. John McNamara, Washington State University
Dr. John McNamara has been working in dairy cattle metabolism for 40 years, concentrating on energy and adipose metabolism in support of lactation. His primary goal is to discover the specific genes and pathway patterns that define the most efficient dairy cattle. They use existing models of metabolism in dairy cattle to identify the underlying causes of animal level efficiency. Dr. McNamara's work includes determining the interaction of feed composition and intake on efficiency of cattle of varying genetic merit and in different environments (grazing, TMR). Included in this is the study of interaction of metabolism of nutrients, endocrine systems and reproductive processes in lactating dairy cattle. "Remember, the dumb cows do it all simultaneously, every day."

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