PDPF logoThe Professional Dairy Producers Foundation (PDPF) has made its funding decisions for education projects for dairy producers and their communities. The following projects will receive funding:

  • Educational Television Productions of Northeast Wisconsin, in collaboration with Brown County UW Extension, and area dairy farmers. The grant will fund dairy worker training videos in English and in Spanish, highlighting safe use of farm chemicals. This educational effort will fulfill a need for information geared towards farm employees and in digital formats for phones and tablets.
  • The Yahara Pride Farms Alternative Manure Application Methods field day. This voluntary, farmer led initiative encourages the use of effective nutrient management and conservation practices that reduce phosphorus loading to our waterways, improving soil and water quality for both urban and rural communities in the Yahara watershed. It is a non-regulatory program which helps farmers identify strengths and weaknesses of their farming systems and nutrient management.
  • Cornell Coop Extension Sullivan County for young farmer discussion groups. Funds will support young and beginning farmers to develop the skills they need to grow successful, profitable and sustainable farming businesses. Through educational and networking experiences the discussion group members will expand their knowledge and skills.
  • The New York Animal Agriculture Coalition's videos that share the story of how dairy farmers care for their soil, water and animals. Funding supports videos that will provide consumers with an informative message about dairy farms. The videos will spotlight personal stories with the goal of resolving the empathy divide between consumers and the dairy community.
  • Wisconsin Center for Agriculture and Environmental Resources (WiCAER) to help farmers better understand the goals and objectives of regional watershed programs. This program provides education and training about how agriculture impacts water quality so that farmers can begin to document the adoption of practices that protect and enhance water quality. WiCAER can serve as a bridge between farmers and the public to improve the understanding of what agriculture is doing to protect water quality..

"The foundation believes in a proactive and prepared dairy industry, united through educational initiatives." says Logan Bower, dairy producer and chair of the Foundation Board. "We have seen the results of the grant program grow exponentially to position the dairy community for the future."

The Professional Dairy Producers Foundation awards grants to non-profit organizations who share the Foundation's passion and vision for education in dairy communities. Grant dollars are available to those organizations with unique ideas in the following two focus areas: 1) Building producer professionalism, or 2) Maintaining public trust.

The next granting period begins now, with grant applications due December 1, 2016. Organizations may apply for grants of up to $5,000. The maximum amount given to any one organization will be $5,000. For grant criteria and an application package, visit www.dairyfoundation.org.

The Professional Dairy Producers Foundation is a producer-led 501(c)(3) charitable organization that raises funds for educational programs throughout the United States. The Foundation supports programs that develop the skills of our dairy producers and youth and maintain public trust. For more information on programs funded and ways to donate, visit www.dairyfoundation.org.

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