US JerseyOn Tuesday, June 7, the AJCA received official BBR values for all genotyped Jerseys, male and female, from the Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding. Breed Base Representation uses genomic data to estimate the extent to which alleles of breed reference groups appear to be represented in an animal's genetic makeup.

BBR values in conjunction with Generation Count now provide the complete picture intended by the Board's action at its March meeting. Together, Generation Count and Breed Base Representation:

  • Accurately identify Jersey genetics, and
  • Support transparency of information.

PDF format reports for the June genomic evaluations, bulls marketed in the U.S., and all summarized bulls have been posted at Green Book Online . BBR values are also included in our powerful search-sort-select application, BullsEye. We're also working to complete revisions many other reports and documents you use, from pedigrees and performance reports to JMS sale catalogs.

Please note: CDCB policy is to report a value of 100 for animals that have a BBR of 94 and greater. BBR values of 93 and lower are reported as calculated. For more information, click here .

The decisions of the Board of Directors simplify and modernize AJCA animal identification services. We are confident that when you see how Generation Count and BBR work in tandem, you will agree.

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