Virtus LogoFeed efficiency is not always the first reason people think about as to why they are feeding fat to their dairy cows. The answers tend to be: milk, body condition, and reproduction. In this quick video, we are taking a closer look at the different fatty acid profiles of fat sources and their effect on feed efficiency.

What this Quick Guide to Fatty Acids video includes:

  • A brief overview of controlled data graphing Feed Efficiency, as defined by fat corrected milk/dry matter intake.
  • How important is feed efficiency to your bottom line?
  • The fat sources and their fatty acid profiles, to show the differences and how they can drive different results.

Thanks again for your interest in better balancing fatty acids in your dairy cow diets. As a reminder, this "Quick Guide" is meant to be just that - a quick and handy reference to better balancing fatty acids for improved feed efficiency and herd profitability. For a deeper dive on fatty acids, be sure to visit for free video courses on fatty acids, or go to where you can enter your TMR ingredients and assess your ration's current balance of omega fatty acids.

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