From Jim Mulhern, President and Chief Executive Officer:

"We are pleased the Senate has approved the Roberts-Stabenow food biotechnology labeling measure, which will help preserve the ability of farmers to use safe, proven agricultural biotechnology tools while providing consumers more information about their food.

"This compromise measure will help resolve the marketplace confusion that has already erupted as a result of the Vermont law, with thousands of products set to disappear from store shelves because companies no long wish to do business in that state.

"We want to thank the Senate for their efforts to pass this legislation because the country needs a national approach on this issue, not a patchwork quilt of state differing laws. In particular, we commend the efforts of Sens. Pat Roberts (R-KS) and Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) of the Senate Agriculture Committee, who negotiated the final measure.

"We now hope the U.S. House of Representatives will quickly take up and pass the Senate bill next week. Vermont's problematic labeling law will continue to do damage along the food supply chain until both houses of Congress band together and send a bill to President Obama's desk. Time is of the utmost importance."

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