American Cheese Society and Wisconsin State Holstein Show

Crave BrothersCheese curds are trendy and increasingly popular snacks with regional roots, but not all cheese curds are created equal. When it comes to freshness and simplicity, artisanal quality makes a difference. For the second year in a row, Cheese Curds from Wisconsin-based Crave Brothers Farmstead Classics have been awarded two First Place prizes at the American Cheese Society (ACS) Judging and Competition. The 2016 ACS event, held in Des Moines from July 27th through July 30th, drew more than 1,843 entries from 260 companies and 37 states.

This year, Crave Brothers Yellow Cheese Curds took First Place honors in the Cheese Curds category. In the Flavored Cheeses competition category, Crave Brothers Jalapeno Cheddar Cheese Curds won First Place. Crave Brothers White Cheddar Cheese Curds also were awarded Third Place in the Cheese Curds category. Crave Brothers Cheeses are consistent winners in many categories at the American Cheese Society.

Crave Brothers Cheese Curds just might be the ultimate casual snack and appetizer plate ingredient. With their squeaky texture and slightly salty, mild flavor, fresh cheese curds are beer-compatible, and the perfect accompaniment for cider. They're also a complement for sausages and smoked meats, salads, soups, chili, French fries or crunchy snacks. Enjoy Crave Brothers Cheese Curds fresh, or deep-fried.

All told, Crave Brothers Farmstead Classics took home six new awards in the 2016 ACS Judging and Competition. Adding to their previous 25 awards for Fresh Mozzarella, at this year's competition Crave Brothers Marinated Fresh Mozzarella took Third Place honors in the Marinated Cheeses category. In the Italian Types category, Crave Brothers Fresh Mozzarella won a Third Place Award for Fresh Mozzarella-8 oz. or more, and received another Third Place prize in the Fresh Mozzarella, Bocconcini category.

Crave Brothers award-winning cheeses, including Cheese Curds and Fresh Mozzarella, are made with milk from the Crave family's award-winning dairy herd. At the 2016 Wisconsin State Holstein Show, held in Madison at the same time as the 2016 ACS Judging and Competition, Crave Brothers' cows placed First in Class with the All Wisconsin Spring Yearling Heifer award. In addition, a trio of offspring from Crave Zenith Gracious brought home the All-Wisconsin Junior Best Three Females Award.

The Crave Brothers farmstead cheese-making facility uses 100% green power, and practices water conservation and recycling. For product information and the recipes ideas featuring Cheese Curds and Fresh Mozzarella, visit the Crave Brothers website:

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