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Select SiresSeventeen Select Sire Power team members met at Mason Dixon Farms for advanced training in Gettysburg, Pa. Of those present for the training, many were Select Reproductive Solutions SpecialistsTM (SRS) and the group also included local technicians, technician supervisors and regional marketing managers. Attendees of the training course represented many geographical areas for Select Sire Power from Maine to Florida.

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Virginia-based SRS Specialist, Dave Whitlock, explained that the session discussion extended beyond reproduction and included cow comfort, heat abatement and transition cow management. Melanie Herman, Florida-based SRS Specialist, said "After touring the facilities, we spent hours going through the records as a group and discussing how to prioritize ideas and come up with solutions. As an SRS team, we work very hard to ensure we are up-to-date on the latest research and information to make dairies more profitable."

SRS Specialists typically meet on a national level to train once a year, but this training session was specific to Select Sire Power. The SRS service is offered as a free resource to producers. A trained specialist works with the herd's management team to troubleshoot reproductive issues. By visiting the facility and analyzing herd records, SRS Specialists identify challenges and comprise economical solutions to maximize production and profitability for the herd.

Select Sire Power is one of nine member cooperatives that form Select Sires, Inc., North America's largest and most successful AI company. Covering the East Coast sales area from Maine to Florida, Select Sire Power is committed to helping member-owners be more successful. Dairy and beef cattle producers trust Select Sire Power to deliver all of their genetic and reproductive needs.

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