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BalchemPerdue AgriBusiness and Balchem Corporation (NASDAQ:BCPC) today announced they will be working together to advance the science of precision feeding for dairy cattle.

Founded on a shared vision for improving dairy cow efficiency and nurtured by a mutual respect for their science-based business models, the two companies have joined forces to extend the implementation of precision feeding principles and bring new products to the dairy industry.

"The dairy industry has long been focused on maximizing output," said George Betton, Perdue AgriBusiness Vice President of Animal Nutrition. "Together with Balchem, we will leverage our combined expertise and rapidly evolving precision feeding solutions to bring the industry to a greater level of feed efficiency and profitability."

"As we look to the future and the changes the industry faces, we are proud to work closely with Perdue to bring new options to dairy producers worldwide," notes Jonathan Griffin, Vice President, Balchem Animal Nutrition & Health. "Our initial efforts will be focused in the area of ruminant amino acids nutrition, an area of expertise for both companies. The next evolution in our relationship will be to extend our collective expertise and research capabilities to create precision feeding solutions for other nutrients such as minerals, lipids and carbohydrates.

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