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Merial and DQA Charlotte, North Carolina, was the site of the 49th Annual Conference of the American Association of Bovine Practitioners. Dr. Drexel Wheeler of Cornwall, Vermont, was recognized as the Quality Veterinarian of the Year during the Dessert Reception sponsored by Merial.

Colette Johnston, Dairy Quality Center; Drexel Wheeler, DVM; Tom Van Dyke, DVM, Merial

Colette Johnston, Dairy Quality Center; Drexel Wheeler, DVM; Tom Van Dyke, DVM, Merial

Keith R. Carlson, Executive Director of the Dairy Quality Center, is pleased to announce Dr. Wheeler as the Quality Veterinarian of the Year. "Dr. Wheeler's dedication to his dairy clients includes the verification process to review protocols and support regular training programs at the dairies," Carlson says. One of Dr. Wheeler's goals for his clients is to produce safe and high-quality milk and dairy beef for consumers. Through the Verified Premium Plus Program, he has enabled his clients to receive discounts on insurance coverage/policies. Paying attention to the details helps dairy producers reduce risks and pay fewer out-of-pocket expenses on their insurance premiums.

Merial, a world-leading animal health company, Duluth, Georgia, and the Dairy Quality Center (DQC), Stratford, Iowa, co-sponsor this annual award designed to recognize veterinarians who help dairy producers implement quality management practices within their operation.

"We are proud to co-sponsor this award as part of our continued commitment to supporting the veterinarians who have a positive impact on the sustainability of the dairy industry," says Tom Van Dyke, DVM, Manager of Veterinary Services, Merial. "We applaud Dr. Wheeler's dedication to strengthening production practices in an effort to produce the highest quality milk and dairy beef possible and keep the dairy sustainable."

Dr. Wheeler received his DVM from the University of Tennessee's College of Veterinary Medicine and established Valleywide Veterinary Services in Cornwall, Vermont. Valleywide Veterinary Services is a multi-person dairy practice specializing in preventable health in reproduction, milk quality and metabolic diseases.

Dr. Wheeler serves as the chairman of the Vermont Veterinary Medical Board, and is active in the state veterinary association of AABP and NMC. He also participates in the USAID (United States Agency for International Development) in Eastern Europe and Africa, and he has a significant influence in milk quality for his dairy clients.

Dr. Wheeler and his wife of 37 years enjoy traveling and are active in community events.

Congratulations to you, Dr. Wheeler, for your commitment to the sustainability of your dairy clients and to the dairy industry!

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