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The Jersey lineup at Select Sires continues to offer industry-leading genetics for fertility, total performance and type and is strengthened by the addition of five outstanding proven graduates.

Deep-pedigreed class of graduates

7JE1294 BARNABAS, a very popular former Super Sampler™ that was syndicated through the All American Sale, is a 7JE1169 TOPEKA son from four Excellent dams. He is a top-four sire in the breed for both Type (+2.1) and Jersey Udder Index™ (JUI™) (+28.5). BARNABAS also excels at Sire Conception Rate (SCR) (+3.1) and is positive for components (+.03% Fat, +.00% Protein). He is a Superior Settler™ and available gender SELECTed™.

7JE1331 VARICK, a 7JE1149 DIMENSION son from an Excellent Academy, is a top-15 JPI™ sire at +193. He is a components improver (+46F, +36P, +.12%F, +.10%P) and ranks well for Net Merit (NM$) (+479) and Cheese Merit (CM$) (+518). A FeedPRO® sire, VARICK transmits fitness traits including Productive Life (PL) (+4.5) and Daughter Pregnancy Rate (DPR) (+1.8) as well as JUI (+16.5).

A Visionary son from four Excellent dams, 7JE1275 DEMAND is one of the top sires in the breed for NM$ at +515. He also improves Protein (+33, +.03%), CM$ (+539) and JPI (+186). He is a FeedPRO sire and fitness specialist ranking in the top-10 of the breed for PL (+6.5). DEMAND daughters produce high-quality milk (2.83 Somatic Cell Score) and are fertile cows and heifers (+1.2 DPR, +3.9 Heifer Conception Rate, +3.2 Cow Conception Rate).

From the same popular maternal line as DEMAND, 7JE1267 DEPUTY is a Critic-P son from an Excellent Restore dam. He is a FeedPRO sire and production improver at +1,094 Milk. A high-ranking JPI sire (+177), DEPUTY transmits a balance of component yield (+83 Combined Fat and Protein), NM$ (+456), SCS (2.84), PL (+4.9) and Type (+1.4).

7JE1332 RENO, a Volcano son from a Very Good Maximum, combines production (+828M), Fat (+55, +.09%), Type (+1.3) and sire fertility (+2.9 SCR) in one package. His daughters are moderate-sized with outstanding udders (+20.6 JUI) and excellent conception (+0.5 DPR, +2.1 HCR, +0.8 CCR). RENO is a FeedPRO sire and available gender SELECTed.

AXIS leads proven lineup

7JE1274 AXIS made huge improvements while adding 68 new daughters in 55 new herds this sire summary. He is now the No. 3 active A.I. sire for JPI (+240), Milk (+1,804) and Protein (+59) and No. 5 for PL (+6.9) and NM$ (+576) as well as ranking in the top-10 for Type (+1.8). DIMENSION (+198), 7JE1184 NEWS (+193) and VARICK (+193) join AXIS in the breed’s top-15 for JPI.

7JE1219 OLIVER-P (+2.1), BARNABAS (+2.1), TOPEKA (+1.9), 7JE1038 VALENTINO (+1.8), 7JE1163 IRWIN (+1.8) and AXIS (+1.8) are among the top 15 active A.I. sires for Type. BARNABAS (+28.5), IRWIN (+26.1), 7JE1088 COLTON (+24.3), OLIVER-P (+22.5) and TOPEKA (+22.2) are top-15 JUI sires.

“7JE” sires maintain their position as fertility frontrunners with eight of the breed’s top-15 sires for SCR: 7JE1242 NITRO (+3.3), BARNABAS (+3.1), RENO (+2.9), AXIS (+2.8), DIMENSION (+2.7) TOPEKA (+2.7), COLTON (+2.6) and NEWS (+2.4).

Super Sampler™ lineup excels

Select's Super Sampler lineup also offers outstanding SCR sires including the top four active A.I. young sires: 7JE1503 RONALDINHO {3} (+5.2), 7JE1354 TEXAS (+4.8), 7JE5032 VICTORIOUS (+4.5) and 7JE1505 POGBA {4} (+4.5).

Among young sires, RONALDINHO {3} is the No. 5 active A.I. young sire for JPI (+277) and ranks in the top-15 for Milk (+1,708), CFP (+156) and NM$ (+670). New release 507JE1528 DISCO is the leading sire for PL (+9.7) while 7JE1557 SILAS {5}-P is the top polled sire for JPI (+260) and NM$ (+623). Select’s Super Sampler lineup contains three of the top seven sires for JUI including VICTOURIOUS (+37.0), DISCO (+32.5) and TEXAS (+31.4).

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