Released on February 22: In November 2018, mailbox milk prices for selected reporting areas in Federal milk orders averaged $16.57 per cwt, down 46 cents from the October 2018 average and down $1.23 per cwt from the November 2017 average.

Note about the California Mailbox Price: Prior to November 2018, the California mailbox price was calculated by California Department of Food and Agriculture. The California Federal Milk Marketing Order became effective on November 1, 2018. Mailbox price data for November 2018 is not yet available. The November 2018 All Federal Order Areas does not include the new California Order.

Mailbox prices reflect the actual price dairy operators receive for their milk, hence the name mailbox price. Typically, they are released about 3-1/2 months following the month for which the prices apply. Mailbox prices are reported at average fat tests and reflect all premiums, as well as marketing costs, including hauling.