Nov. 15 2017 02:47 PM

Handy Hint: November 2017

Dave Endres of Endres Jazzy Jerseys in Lodi, Wis., came up with a solution to keep newborn calves clean and well fed. Rather than struggle to keep a newborn calf still and off the dirty floor while trying to feed colostrum, Dave designed this calf holder made out of a large PVC pipe. One end was capped while the other was left open, and an opening was cut along the top. They attached a brace to the bottom side of the tube to keep it from rolling away.

When it is time to feed colostrum, the calf is wrapped in a blanket to help it dry off and slid from the calf cart into the holder. While sitting in the holder, the calf can’t kick and stays clean while being fed colostrum with the esophageal tube feeder.