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The EPA has changed its recommendation to hold off on reporting of air emissions required under CERCLA and EPCRA. Up until recently, EPA had initially directed farms to report their releases to EPA (DBA email 11/15/17). EPA filed a motion with the court for a continued stay to stop the rule from going into effect for farmers yet. The court has not taken any action as of yet so the EPA is now advising farmers to not report until further notice or if you have already begun the process, hold off on taking further action.

From EPA's website:
"No reporting is required until the Court issues its order, or mandate, enforcing the April 11, 2017, decision. EPA will update this guidance to provide farmers with notice of when the mandate issues and reporting requirements begin. Please check this website frequently. Once the mandate is issued, farms should submit an initial continuous release notification to the National Response Center for qualifying releases that occur within a 24-hour period."
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