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Occupational safety issues unique to the dairy industry will be featured as part of the North American Agricultural Safety Summit, Feb. 21-23, in Scottsdale, Ariz.

In a two-part session on Thursday, Feb. 22, industry experts will present an overview of the current safety situation on U.S. dairy farms and the challenges faced by producers when managing a growing workforce. Specific safety issues such as manure storage/confined space safety, silage safety and ergonomics will be addressed along with control strategies. In the second session, worker safety training challenges and novel approaches to deliver safety training material using mobile technologies will be covered. Worker safety considerations during animal handling will also be presented. Presenters include:

  • David I. Douphrate, PhD, MPT, MBA, CPE, CSP, Associate Professor, University of Texas School of Public Health in San Antonio
  • Dennis Murphy, PhD, CSP, Nationwide Insurance and Professor Emeritus, Penn State University
  • Keith Bolsen, PhD, Professor Emeritus, Kansas State University
  • Robert Hagevoort, PhD, Associate Professor & Extension Dairy Specialist, New Mexico State University
  • Anabel Rodriguez, MPH, PhD Student, University of Texas School of Public Health in San Antonio
  • Rick Naerebout, Chief Executive Officer, Idaho Dairymen’s Association

Register now to attend, sponsor, and exhibit at an agricultural safety and health meeting unlike any other! The North American Agricultural Safety Summit will match safety interventions with production practices and emerging safety issues across the agricultural spectrum. See the agenda.

The Summit is being hosted by the Agricultural Safety and Health Council of America. It is designed for producers, agri-businesses, university and industry safety researchers and experts, safety supply and compliance providers and others with an interest in agricultural safety. Discussions will include on-farm and process safety around equipment, livestock and dairy, row-crops, grain handling, food and specialty crops, individual and workforce safety, and other commercial agricultural production and business operational safety issues.

“Safety in agricultural production is not a luxury, nor is it something that we can afford to leave to regulators to decide for us,” said Frank Gasperini, President & CEO, ASHCA. “As in every business, safety is one of the key business excellence areas that determines who is profitable long-term, and who is not. Intentionally and systematically building a culture of safety in agriculture, from the smallest to the largest producers or agriculture related businesses is more than an ethics issue, it is also the only way to build profitable and sustainable businesses.”

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