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Cheese-loving home cooks have until March 31 to enter the Crave Brothers Farmstead Cheese Consumer Recipe Contest. Submit your favorite original recipes—featuring Crave Brothers Fresh Mozzarella or Crave Brothers Mascarpone—for a chance to win the $1,000 First Prize. The Second Place winner will receive $500. The Third Place prize is a Crave Brothers cooler tote filled with a selection of award-winning Crave Brothers Farmstead Classics Cheeses and a cutting board.

Home cooks are invited to submit their original recipes in any of the three following categories: Side Dishes (including salads) that incorporate Crave Brothers Fresh Mozzarella and/or Mascarpone; Entrées/Main Courses made with Crave Brothers Fresh Mozzarella and/or Crave Brothers Mascarpone; or Desserts featuring Crave Brothers Mascarpone. Contest participants may enter more than one recipe.

To qualify, each recipe entry must yield 6 to 8 servings, must be typed rather than hand-written, and must include a photograph of the completed dish. Recipes and photos will become the property of Crave Brothers Farmstead Cheese, and may be used in the company’s promotional programs at its discretion. Entries will be judged on innovation, creativity and flavor.

Home cooks should email their entries for the Crave Brothers Farmstead Cheese Consumer Recipe Contest to Beth Crave at by midnight, March 31, 2018. Contest winners will be announced on May 18, 2018.

Crave Brothers Farmstead Cheese offers abundant opportunities for creative cooking. Luxurious Crave Brothers Mascarpone is made from fresh sweet cream and contributes a velvety texture and rich flavor to recipes. The cheese has won more than 27 awards since its introduction, including a First Place Award in the 2017 Wisconsin State Fair Cheese and Butter Contest in the Soft Spreadable Cheese Category.

Crave Brothers award-winning Fresh Mozzarella lends itself to a variety of uses, from appetizers and side dishes to main courses. In 2017, Crave Brothers Farmstead Classics swept the Fresh Mozzarella category at the U.S. Cheese Championships, placing First, Second and Third. Other recent Fresh Mozzarella awards include First and Second Place Awards at the 2017 World Dairy Product Awards; First and Second Place Awards at the 2017 American Cheese Society Competition; and Second Place honors for both Fresh Mozzarella and Marinated Fresh Mozzarella at the 2017 Wisconsin State Fair Cheese and Butter Contest.

All of the artisanal Crave Brothers Farmstead Cheeses are made with milk from the Crave family’s own dairy herd, and are sustainably produced. The farmstead cheese-making facility uses 100 percent green power, and practices water conservation and recycling.

Visit the website at for additional product information about Crave Brothers Farmstead Classics Cheese varieties.

The Crave family farms 2,500 acres of productive land in south-central Wisconsin, growing soybeans, corn and alfalfa to use as nutritious feed for their Holstein cows. From the manure digester to water recovery and recycling, sustainability is top-of-mind on the farm. The Crave Brothers Farm LLC and Crave Brothers Farmstead Cheese LLC use 100% green power and are carbon-negative businesses. Their anaerobic biodigester produces more electricity than they need, enough to power the dairy farm, the farmstead cheese-making plant, and over 300 homes in their community.

Every pound of cheese made by George Crave, a licensed cheese maker, is made with milk from the family’s herd. Crave Brothers produces Fresh Mozzarella, Mascarpone, Part-skim Mozzarella, Oaxaca, Farmer’s Rope String Cheese, and Fresh Cheddar Cheese Curds in white, yellow and jalapeño varieties.