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Brad Eggink of Holstein Canada and Brian Van Doormaal of Canadian Dairy Network (CDN) announced today the Fall launch of Compass. Compass is a web-based genetic software designed to help “Navigate your herd's Success”.

Track your genetic progress, manage your herd's genetics and select the most optimal breeding strategy in the palm of your hand or at the click of your mouse.

Through Compass, you can view your Past Breeding Success to see where your genetics have come from and where they are projected to go. See how each production, conformation and functional trait has changed in your herd over the last 5 years while understanding what traits need strengthening.

Using YOUR HERD's data, create a customized version of LPI or Pro$ that matches and reflects your own personal breeding goals. This index will be used to rank sires for potential use in your herd while allowing you to advance your genetics and reach your goals even faster.

By knowing your animal’s genetic history, Compass is able to suggest actions for each animal. Should you breed to sexed semen? Genomically test? Cull heifers? Compass will make a calculated suggestion for you. Set custom groups to make more specific breeding decisions. By plotting the trends of these groups you can get a better representation of your herd at each stage of life.

Not sure which breeding strategy is best for you? Simply input your economic data, Compass will calculate the return on investment for several breeding strategies. See the financial benefit before cows are bred.

We look forward to showing you how you can navigate your herd’s success in the fall. Stay tuned to Holstein Canada and CDN’s Social Media feed for updates along the way!