June 7 2018 10:29 AM

Son-Bow Farms is leading the way for dairy operations across the state.

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AQUA Innovations is proud to announce Son-Bow Farms as the first farm in Wisconsin to install its fully commercialized NuWay nutrient concentration system. The company has had systems running in other states, such as Oregon, for nearly eight years.

The AQUA Innovations NuWay nutrient concentration system eases the pain of managing dairy manure with an all mechanical separation process. The proprietary system is capable of reclaiming over 50 % of manure as distilled water without the use of harmful chemicals.

Another by-product of the process is organic super nutrient fertilizer, which contains sought-after nutrients like nitrogen and potassium with virtually no phosphorus or pathogens. This diminishes a farmer’s dependence on chemicals by allowing them to care for crops using the super nutrient water by-product during the growing season.

“The NuWay system is environmentally compliant, customizable to any dairy operation and provides 24/7 remote monitoring and support from AQUA Innovations,” said Chris Lenzendorf, President of AQUA Innovations.

This technology reduces the need to haul and store manure to later be spread on fields as fertilizer, which not only minimizes the smell of manure, but also the cost of transporting it.

Jay and Kristi Richardson of Son-Bow Farms, located outside of Spring Valley, Wisconsin, are the first dairy operators in the state to embrace this innovative technology from AQUA Innovations.

“We had been looking for a system to decrease our manure hauling costs for many years,” said Jay Richardson, Son-Bow Farms’ owner. “The financial impact is huge for us, no doubt about it. The synergies that this system allow are not only financial but environmental and neighbor friendly as well.”

Former Governor Tommy Thompson and Green Bay Packers legend Frank Winters also back the technology as partners at AQUA Innovations.

“Jay and Kristi should be applauded for being pioneers and thinking about not only how to better their farm, but also the environment,” said Frank Winters, AQUA Innovations shareholder. “I truly believe AQUA Innovations’ technology and process will change the way dairy operators handle cow manure, not only here in the great state of Wisconsin, but across the globe.”

Media are invited to join Thompson and Winters, among others, at the commissioning event at Son-Bow Farms.


Thursday, June 14, 2018

3 p.m. – 5 p.m.

Son-Bow Farms

W2686 390th Ave

Maiden Rock, Wisconsin 54750

Please send questions and your RSVP to Diana Henry: diana@rippekeane.com, 608-277-9097.

About AQUA Innovations

AQUA Innovations, located in Sharon, Wisconsin, is an environmental engineering firm pioneering wastewater solutions for the agriculture industry, as well as industrial and energy markets to meet high water quality standards of most production processes. AQUA Innovations’ NuWay process allows operators to generate clean and usable water as a by-product of their manufacturing process. For more information, visit: AquaInnovationsllc.com