Oct. 2 2018 11:45 AM

FutureCow introduces the Stationary ComfortBrushTM

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Cow and calf comfort is now more affordable than ever with the introduction of the new FutureCow® Stationary ComfortBrush™. Groom and stimulate your animals for a happy, healthier environment – no electricity or maintenance required.

“Dairy farmers have been asking for a maintenance-free, low-cost alternative to mechanical brushes for cows and calves – and we delivered,” says Kevin Dole, president of FutureCow. “The new stationary brush combines all the best features of our popular line of mechanical brushes with the economic savings farmers want.”

The FutureCow Stationary ComfortBrush helps reduce stress, exfoliate the skin, decrease fly and parasite stress and create a more comfortable environment for cows and calves of any age.

Ideal for barns or lots without access to electricity, the Stationary ComfortBrush is easy to install and can be placed anywhere. The durable 24-inch brush attached to a sturdy, flexible cable allows the brush to move freely for maximum comfort.

“At FutureCow, we are proud to manufacture our brushes in the United States,” says Dole. “With a one-year warranty on the entire unit and a 30-day money back guarantee, rest assured your cows and calves will be content and comfortable.”

The Stationary ComfortBrush is the newest addition to FutureCow’s line of comfort products, which includes motorized brushes for dairy cows and calves, beef cattle and goats.

For more information or to pre-order the FutureCow Stationary ComfortBrush visit www.futurecow.com or call (855) 388-7269.

FutureCow is an industry expert in the health and comfort of cows and calves. FutureCow products are built to handle the tough conditions on your farm while never sacrificing the comfort of your animals. All FutureCow products are backed by a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee or the customer’s money back.